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  1. Exdeath as #1 huh? Curious to know if Ultimaweapon contributed to this list ? But man does this bring me back to the lolz of the backroom. Also seeing Jecht so high after years of him being so low only makes me think its strictly player skill. Who's the new current good Jecht player? Unless clavier is still around
  2. Most of you know me as LuckySeven, but along with most things in my life my name is changed to JSeven for here. I typed in dissidia forums after 2 years of retiring to see if this place was dead but couldnt find the sight but got sent here lol Just checking the difference and seeing who migrated from the old forums. I don't plan on playing dissdia duodecim here...mostly because im too lazy to download all the shit to play with others but i might hop on the NT. For sure casually, but not sure competively. Man I got so much memories looking at everything here. Haha Im on discord which ill probably be on more than the actual forums. But yea good to see a lot of you guys again

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