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  1. Narolf

    Site feedback

    I would make The Dissidia Forums' official channel an affiliate if I were you. You asked me in private to stop ranting about DF, so I will concede their channel is excellent. I can forgive the fact they take more than six months to upload replays just because no censorship is applied there.
  2. I see! :D Expect the activity of this forum to peak within the next hour...
  3. Yeah, the community was definitely at its peak for DFF. 2008: Initiation. 2009: Escalation. 2010: Golden Age. Then everything went downhill afterwards... That being said, I don't regret being part of it, at all. I just wish I didn't spend that much time on DF, and that Dissidia.info received the interest it deserved. I am glad people now have the choice between three forums.
  4. Narolf

    Site feedback

    The thing is, I wasn't sure the tags work straight if manually typed, as they don't appear using the tool-bar's buttons.
  5. Narolf

    Site feedback

    test Nevermind then, I just misunderstood how it works. Sorry.
  6. Narolf

    Site feedback

    I thought as much, thanks. I would appreciate it if there were an option to disable the rich text editor and enter BB-code's tags directly, similarly to Mognet Central's.
  7. Narolf

    Site feedback

    Did you disable the "reputation's system" for you?
  8. Narolf

    Site feedback

    It's perfect, nothing to add. Also, a side note... I remember you *sigh*ing over the fact Dissidia.info's forum got little activity back then. I just want you to know that I really enjoyed the thread wherein you invited people to post their Dissidia's career. I wish I posted mine at the time, but I was too scared of Spyder's reaction since he made apparent in a private chat I had with him he didn't like your site and, unlike Kayarine & Khellendros, I was concerned that would have caused my demotion. However, that one thread was an inspiration for my manifesto.
  9. Much as I have enjoyed the discussion, I have nothing to contribute so I will just say instead I am happy this forum exists. Also, I lost my shit when I saw the announcement. Biggest trollish .gif ever, lmao...

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