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  1. Annnnnd with the Player's Choice(Ultros) Banner after getting the free mythril...

    I pulled everything on that banner except for Cloud's OSB and a Shout dupe. Was hoping for Cloud's OSB buuuut the Onion BSB pull was a lovely tradeoff among everything else I pulled. 

    I'm done with 2nd anniversary. Good luck to everybody else all next week



  2. I coulda ran him down with Holy Meta myself but i pulled Zack's BSB and thus wanted to run my FFVII DPS instead: 



    Took a few tries with Tyro BSB RW to get the rhythm right but he went down just fine. 

    And yeah you were the most useful in that MP fight with those units. Otherwise Seph woulda got hasted every counter scintilla and your whole teams dps woulda been garbage. And when it looks like you pugged that game too. Good stuff


  3. @Aegis

    In terms of getting co-op groups together I recommend you hit up the record keeper discord for games. Just be ready to support or heal(get carried) if you don't have enough dps or the team has too many dps units and medics are needed. But usually in the chat group you and your group should be taking a few minutes to figure out what you all have to offer for the raid boss and whatnot. Majority of guys in the multiplayer lobbies are friendly and willing to help if you seek it.

    For Mote bosses you'll need to craft a really good team for each one, though with multiplayer out now getting 4* motes is much easier if you co-op whenever you can. The FF2 and 3 Motes are especially difficult imo with their respective AoE magic spam and Petrify RNG lol 

    And DJ, the link you posted is reffering to the Select Nightmare Draw which features relics for popular Characters that have been used during the Nightmare run(I dunno how they calculated the picks shown but lol) to celebrate the permanent openning of the nightmare dungeon which is dope. 

  4. 9 hours ago, DJVD said:

    Unless it's Tiny Bee or Fenrir Overdrive. :V
    But yeah, you're right


    Yeah Tiny Bee is a lolSB but Fenrir is still decent as a BSB if you don't have much else for PSY damage Soul Breaks ontop of DeNa always spoiling Cloud and his fanboys with the new soul break mechanics. But indeed Fenrir will be obsolete when Cloud's BSB 2 drops: 

    EnWind, Self buff command 2 which makes command 1 do more damage off of Cloud's attack stat. Yummy. Cannot wait for that banner. 

    Think Tiny Bee has been upstaged already too with Yuna's BSB 2 with its summon gimmick which I'm person ally not a fan of but it works and does a lot more for Yuna. 

  5. The point of the half off realm banners are to give you synergy for the dungeons they recently added to the main campaign every month. But if you pull something that is of great use for a character with a good deal of versatiliy in their ability pool then go for it. 

    And from what you pulled you got Quistis' Super AND Burst Breaks in a single pull which is pretty damn good in my eyes. And Quistis herself when you look at her is a support mage moreso than anything but since you have her SB's you can RES buff/Hastega/Major regen your party and be the Bio Magic damage queen. 

    BSB pulls are never bad. Never

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  6. Either from an event featuring FF8 or FF6(FF8 is coming in a week or two just check the konpako link DVD linked for who you can unlock in that realm and others you like) to where you get them as event dungeon rewards or get a Soul of a Hero to exchange at the Hall of Rites for whatever character you that is available. Afterwards you'll want to obtain their Memory crystals to break their level caps as high as you can. 

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  7. WB R3 Kurp vs VII

    M1: Kurp(Zidane) vs VII(Exdeath) - Lunar Sub ~ 0-1
    M2: Kurp(Tifa) vs VII(Kain) - Top Floor ~ 1-1(Too long to save)
    M3: Kurp(Zidane) vs VII(Exdeath) - Orphan's Cradle ~ 1-2

    Winner: VII 2-1 over Kurp

    Reason for M2 being too long to save: 





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