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  1. Leif_3GHP

    Thoughts on tournament formatting~

    Yea i think stages make a lot of difference too. It's just a pretty contentious point. Like stage choice might take Firion out of the game entirely if players know that winning game one will guarantee that they go to The Rift game two as a counter pick. Or sending Cecil to the FFXI stage. He's a bit more flexible though.
  2. Leif_3GHP

    Thoughts on tournament formatting~

    All maps will be available. The only question is whether the players will choose them or if they will be set on random. The mostly likely choice is random, as that is the current tournament format in Japan and there's no reason to try to go about striking with 15 stages. The only option you can change in the lobby menu is time and we won't touch that either. The default rules is the game are how is played in arcade and it is a very good balance. The game isn't made for 1v1 or 2v2. It's fine to do, but no one will ever run a serious event for it. The game balance is destroyed completely.
  3. Leif_3GHP

    Thoughts on tournament formatting~

    Ok, so the current working idea in this regard is Have qualifier tournaments leading up to evo in august. That way, your team simply needs to win a tournament, or place high in specific high profile qualifier tournaments, that would in turn gain you points towards the big event. That prevents the need for you to be able to show up week after week with your full team. But tournament placings would still be used for your teams ranking and possible seeding at IRL events not ran by DC. That pretty much covers all the areas of concern.
  4. Leif_3GHP

    Thoughts on tournament formatting~

    Most added his input and said we should just focus on teams. You would just need to make sure your team was all available. Jag said it wouldn't be a big deal to miss a single tournament. Because you'd still get qualifying points at other times if we were running that type of series. Personally, I just don't want to sit out any tournaments, though.
  5. Leif_3GHP

    Thoughts on tournament formatting~

    I talked with Hexacoto and Jaghancement and found some points to clarify. First, is that any type of rankings and qualifying would be based on static 3 person teams. I'm not suggesting a crew war or anything like that. The point of the crews(which I'm going to call clans from now on) is ONLY to provide available subs when necessary and be able to keep seeding for an individual tournament. So, if Wheelz, RDF, and Dart were considered the number 1 seed. They wouldn't have to take last seed just because they had to sub in JT for Dart. The expectation is that a clan practices together and represents at the very least a cohesion of strategy. If there was a tournament at the end of the season that required qualifying, Wheelz, RDF, and Dart would had to have played at least 3/4 of their tournaments with their full team, or whatever other amount we decided.
  6. I'm just going to throw out a couple of loose thoughts here and see what everyone's response is... We don't know if Square is going to host any sort of championship series, so if we want to make sure we are the main tournament hub and are taken seriously, we need to have an infrastructure in place and ready before the game releases. Otherwise we run the risk of like...FF Peasants or that FB group being seen as the go-to place to play Dissidia, and then our game will never be taken seriously by the wider tournament community. So, leading up to release, I think we should be prepared to launch the first tournament season or a Dissidia League. Something that will be structured and ongoing that gives the community a sense of legitimacy, direction, and ranking. To further that end, one idea I had was the encouragement of crews. Dissidia is a 3v3 game, so even if we only hold Dissidia Community tournaments once or twice a month, or even less, making sure your whole team is available on a certain day(s) can potentially be a big problem for a lot of people. So I was thinking that if players participated in crews of 6-10 players, we could alleviate that problem a bit. I'll use TNB as an example to illustrate. Let's say Dragon, Chandela and I enter the season as a team(call us TNB | DCL). We play two tournaments together, but Chandela is unavailable for the third. Within the crew rules, we would be able to sub in Dimitri and still keep our title as DCL and have our performance count towards DCL's ranking. This helps avoid having to keep individual player rankings(though you still could) and allows us to handle seeding in the normal fashion. So, say Dimitri is part of TNB | PDD (Poiman, Dimitri, DJ). When he played with us, it would have no bearing on his base team. That's why I suggested 6-10 players. That way, with at least 6, no one would ever have to just sit out for lack of enough members in the crew. As it's extremely likely that everyone won't be available every weekend, I think it is a system that could work. Finally, any given team would need to play more games than not with it's complete original roster. Meaning if I played one tournament with DCL, but had to play the next three tournaments with subs, it wouldn't make sense for DCL to receive ranking credit for those wins. The overall result would be a hard ranking per static team, just like if we were all single participants, and a sort of "soft ranking" by crew for use where applicable. You could still participate as a static team without a crew, but you'd have to deal with circumstances that could otherwise be mitigated. So with this system, seeding would look something like: Known Static Teams Known Crews Teams with no results. That took longer than I thought to explain, so I'll end it there. Please share what you think, add suggestions, ridicule me endlessly. After this gets some feedback I'll make another post. I have a bunch of topics to cover. (P.S. To the members of TNB, I understand that this changes the idea of crews from us having a good time, to something that holds more importance, so I understand if you don't want anything to do with it.)

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