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  1. RaineKugami

    RaineKugami (Raine816)'s Modding Archives

    Hello all, I used to go by Raine816 on the old DissidiaForum, I did some digging in my old laptop and came across my old Mods from there and thought I'd reshare them for you all. They may be a bit buggy as some were pre-finish build release and were lost in the purge. Never the less I hope you guys enjoy. Here's a list of the mods and base characters: Model Imports Paine (FFX-2 Model) - Lightning Paine - Full Throttle (FFX-2 Model) - (Lightning) Rikku (FFX-2 Model) - Prishe Calintz (Magna Carta: Tears of Blood) - Sephiroth Shaman King Project Yoh Asakura - Warrior of Light 3 versions Tao Ren - Kain 2 versions Lyserg Dithel - Laguna 2 versions Custom Quests Newcomer - 10 Episode Quest Series They make use of a Noctis mod in Cloud's DLC2 slot iirc (sorry its been several years) Mods Download Link Quests Download Link If you have any questions feel free to reach out. - RaineKugami
  2. I'm Raine, I come from the old DissidiaForums community know as Raine816 where i was a modder (mostly model importer and custom quest creation). I started playing Dissidia back in 2010-2011. I main Cloud, Lightning and Tifa on 012 and Currently Cloud and Ramza on DFFNT. My PSN is the same as my user here if anyone is wondering. Thanks for having me here, hope to get to know the rest of you guys.

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