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  1. Gatna

    Need guides, guidance, help, etc :(

    @HYNE Great! Thanks so much! Sorry, not sure how I even missed those tbh... :/
  2. Gatna

    Need guides, guidance, help, etc :(

    Hello y'all! I know many of you aren't aware of who i am. I'm just a newbie who's interested in the mechanics of Dissidia. My friend and I have garnered an interest into the series and we are hyped for NT. That said, I have taken the liberty to download DDFF onto my Macbook Air along with PPSSPP. My question for you all is: are there any in depth tutorials / guides teaching new players on the mechanics and / or character specific strategies? Equipment guides and what abilities / assists are best?I realize that many aspects within DDFF may not be transitioning into NT but even so I think DDFF still has something there that I really appreciate. Sorry if this is in the wrong SubForum! Regards and Thank you! :)

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