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  1. Galadin

    Site feedback

    I don't think it is since the description of the section reads as: "Showcase your Dissidia fan art, fan fiction, fan music or anything else fan." Perhaps it would be better making "Creative" specifically for modding and have the art showcase (as indicated above) somewhere else to avoid confusion.
  2. Galadin

    Site feedback

    Hello guys, happily joined today and had a look around the site. It feels pretty copacetic enough but I hope you guys don't mind me just going for it and giving some feedback. • FORUM NAMES Instead of having the forum sections named exactly as they are intended, would it not be a good idea to title them after Dissidia related things? For example: Dissidia Network > Mognet, Dissidia Community > Order's Sanctuary, etc. (these are just examples) I think it would make it more interesting to bring a more "Dissidia Like" feel throughout the forum. • DISSIDIA FORUM This forum has me a little mehed out. Sticking "Creative" in there is quite baffling since the section should be largely dedicated to general Dissdia discussion topics, as indicated by "News" & "Competitive". "Creative" looks odd there and seems to stick out like an awkward relative or something. The Creative corner should have its own forum section as is the norm. Lastly, what features are in the planning for the site? Will there be future add ons, themes, features that could be used as awards/community incentives? Is the aim of this site to build up a community of members or is the aim something else entirely? Sorry for just dropping in like a sack of potatoes, but I guess that's my new style. I thought about going in like "The Newcomer" but it felt like an odd thing to do. :D

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