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  1. josediaz

    ideas, lost mods or doubts part 1.

    Well, to begin with I do not do mods, but this can be useful for those who buzz ideas, also there are many mods that were lost from dissidia forums and this can help someone who owns some to share or recreate them. idea 1 create this mod it's just an image of deviant art but it's very good, idea 2, in a pack of mods that I uploaded this mod de rinoa in tifa: my request is if someone can accommodate the colors, add the wings to the exe mode and place it in artemiz, more or less like this image besides creating this other costume also rinoa in ultemiza, sorry that I write it wrong is that I speak Spanish and here is called artemiza idea 3 or lost mod, well previously had a mod that left juar as aya brea 3rd birthday in lightning but erase it without wanting, more or less is this, this was the way and this the exe I also had this version and this the exe sephiroth crisis core this version has the hair more cut in part more front, and looks younger, not confused with the advent chill version that came up in a pack that's all for now, then they are a post with other requests or mods lost
  2. josediaz

    pack of lost mods

    I uploaded a pack of several mods that had dissidia 012 not long ago if someone is interested can enter the link:https://mega.nz/#!n8d0yJ4T!kG4HuDC-WkZjsNCQRs-Z_R1ONZknY0DUY_j7yo5mACg also here you have a link from my YouTube channel if you want to see some of the mods in play: Remember that no mod is mine, also forgive my bad English, I am using a translator, well I will post images of the mods. There is more in the pack but I had the hassle of more capture shots.
  3. josediaz

    modding ideas for 012 characters

    is there any possibility of doing a mod of sephiroth crisis core or kajad of adventure chil ?, I know it used to be but the page is not there anymore, I am using the translator
  4. josediaz

    modding ideas for 012 characters

    perdonar mi mal inglés es que estoy usando un traductor, ¿noesis se usa para hacer mods? bueno es que solo me sirvió para visualizar los modelos de GMO
  5. josediaz


    Sorry, you will not have sephiroth mods core crisis, or remake cloud?, nose english use translator.

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