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  1. i jumped onto this train after it was already dead, bout 2014-2015-ish, with an emulator to boot. having really only played ffiv and ffxii, when i started dff i played cecil the most (and practically only) after beating all the extra stories and stuff, then a friend saw me playing it on my laptop, told me ddff existed, was like woah a sequel, played it, thought it was meh, now after like 380 hours i love this game, so much in fact i got myself a 3000, the actual game, and then learned that i could texture mod it, still main cecil, but gabranth is best boy after him, probably play him better too since i figured out a way to keep him in perma ex with boosters and stuff, really sad disidia forums went down, and i hope we can get all the mods on "the great mod index" back up on here, so uhhh i guess thats it
  2. Aurelius

    DDFF DLC Toolkit - DLC generation/edition tool!

    (edit) alright so i think i figured out how the player dlc slot thing works it relates to what save slot you're using, right? think that would be good to explain, now how do i get my .mp3 files to a .at3?

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