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  1. ha ha, nice idea :-) Music is not bad, so I will try Do not be such a quick bill, wait a few moments - because one moment is enough and there will be no bill unless you buy PoE Currency. I have a frame on my desk, I've put a nursing bottle in it, I have a grandfather next to my grandfather, hey! Step off! Currency like bitcoins do not play with me, unless they are put under the arm. the best you can do in PoE, find a new wife, buy her a gold ring and some exalted orbs for her and 2 exalted orbs for her mother-in-law xD ;-) During the evening, after returning home, I started to play PoE and this game started to appeal to me - I will play whole days, he he he So I will buy currency because it is cheap and I have ... Head xD Buy Poe Currency

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