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  1. ScionOfLight

    Character refresh: Warrior of Light

    Totally called this rework, I am officially redubbing myself as the dissidia prophet lolz
  2. ScionOfLight

    YouTube and Twitch starter pack

    alright so my channel is up and running now, now its just a case of uploading videos, and making the channel pretty. which brings me to my next question, i've been to the youtube page of everyone who left a link and yes i did subscribe *wink. and in my travels i noticed that everyone has a very original banner and profile pic on display. so my question is, How did you make it? was it photoshop in the adobe creative cloud or something else?
  3. ScionOfLight

    YouTube and Twitch starter pack

    never mind it works now, just takes forever in a half to upload jesus
  4. ScionOfLight

    YouTube and Twitch starter pack

    i'll figure something out. youtube has been acting funky as of late anyway
  5. ScionOfLight

    YouTube and Twitch starter pack

    yeah i hear ya, you gotta spend money to make money my grandfather always said. but heres my issue i tried to upload a video straight from my ps4 to youtube, but when i went to check the channel it said that the video was unplayable....help T_T
  6. ScionOfLight

    Community Match Review

    I agree, one of the biggest things we need to discuss are character voice lines and what they mean. It's super important that people especially in low rank understand chat lines and what they convey. One of these days I'll make a video explaining all the voice lines and their uses in combat
  7. ScionOfLight

    Community Match Review

    Hi all, with the next open beta not to far away (that'll be in English this time thank GOD) and the full game coming soon after alot of us are going to be playing our hearts out and the time will come where we may have a hard time learning something's be it Dissidia's basic controls and universal tactics or specific character traits and action eventually one will crave the advice or input of another. And while we already have thread dedicated to our more glorious plays (that will be featured on the community YouTube channel mind you) I'd like to make a thread dedicated to the...less than glorious plays. This thread exist for people who want to get better at the game and aren't afraid of some constructive criticism. Share your video files of matches that coulda gone better and let's dissect it together. The ins and outs the do's and don'ts we can review each other and see were exactly we can make improvements. All this isn't to say that you have to post vidoes of you getting your butt kicked, of course not perhaps the match was a bit to close for your liking and you'd like input to see what you could have done better despite your victory. A person can only go so far one can go without the critics of other so let's create an environment where we can make that happen and accelerate our learning process. While criticizing another's video be sure to direct your message with an @ so we don't get confused as to who your referring to example: @ScionOfLight I feel this should go without saying, but the keyword is CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. I don't wanna see any flaming or insults being thrown around about our game play the dissidia community isn't really one to attract trolls from what I've observed thusly so let's keep it that way. We already know we suck at something or many things that's why we are here, so that we get better. Please keep your comments positive and such thank you. -S.O.L
  8. @Jaghancement Love your commentary videos, big fan. I have a thread here dedicated to teaching People how to use YouTube and Twitch and I'd really appreciate it if you could stop by. We're currently having... somewhat of a conversation about capturing quality footage. One thing like to ask you however is more prudent to YouTube for those of us who want to do a bit more than just upload highlight matches. I'd specifically would like to go over audio equipment (mics and such for recording your voice) as well as your preferred editing software and where one might be able to obtain them. Looking forward to seeing you there.
  9. ScionOfLight

    Looking to meet people to play NT with!

    Welcome to the club Bo, I'm also a new player. Not to dissidia as a whole but NT is definitely something I'm not used to. My psn in scion_o_light and I'd be more than happy to take you along for a noon friendly party
  10. ScionOfLight

    Your Dissidia biography (aka the introduction thread)

    What's your PSN, maybe we could play together sometime
  11. ScionOfLight

    YouTube and Twitch starter pack

    I greatly appreciate your input and I've already subscribed to your channel. I look forward to your other tips like how to deal with YouTube's ridiculous (from what I heard) copyright laws. I hear it's basically a mine field. I'd also like to talk more about quality assurance and the overall process of getting the footage from my PS4 to the internet. I honestly have no idea what a capture card is or how it works but if you had a link to the site where you got yours at least I'd know where to look.
  12. So is bright saber Really the only HP attack that benefits from the shield buff? Seems like kinda a waste ya? Would be dope as hell if all end could block hp attacks if you used it a buff lv max
  13. ScionOfLight

    Guess the Pass

    Personally I think the expanded roster of characters will likely be everyone who was included in the mobile game opera omnia. So like, Seymour ffx, Yuna ffx( new main if they do it justice), y'da (lyse)xiv, siefer ffviii, vivi ffix, hope ffxiii etc
  14. Name: TBA: Nameless Illusionist edit: Hypnatica (hip-na-t-ka) real name unknown. Sex: Female Age: Early 40s Type: specialist Weapon: chain whip/ pendulum Alliance: Spiritus Bios: the founder a leader of an mercenary assassin group known as Insomniac. The source Hypnatica has taught her peons to kill their victims through their dreams by invading their dreamspace and destroying it. She also commands the powers of the shade relam creating illusions and manipulating the minds of her foes. She seeks to destroy the waking time by eliminating it's core at the heart of the dreamtime, she will destroy every dream space one by one if she has too, even the majority of her subjects are unaware of her true motives All in the name of the god she serves, the pendulum she carries is shaped in the sigil of her lord. Moveset: Play style summary: being a Sorceress allied with the shade relam Hypnatica is a master Illusionist and specializes in debuffing her opponents and mind games. Using her pet dream demon the Phantasm, and her whip like pendulum Her kit centers around taking control away from opponents and through confusion at the enemy team to break enemy formation. Pros: great disruptor type character, good for sadistic play styles, can be a good zoner Cons: lack of mobility, some moves lock her in place, poor offensive options Unique trait: After image- whenever Hypnatica dodges using side step it creates an after image of her that acts as a mine. Anyone who touches it takes bravery damage and gains an darkness debuff after image last for 4 seconds Ground bravery attacks Neutral-Nightmare Whip Description: three hit melee combo that does brave damage, AOE: cone shaper, Range short-mid range, dodge cancelable additional notes: whip does more damage the closer the foe is to the tip. Final hit deals attack debuff by 10 percent for 15 sec. locked in place Forward- Phantasm of Greed Description: summons a phantasma demon in front of her that attacks up to three times in wide horizontal attacks that deal bravery damage and moves forward with every strike, final strike deals a debuff that slowly drains bravery for 5 sec. Dodge cancelable. Additional notes: phantasma has super armor but can be destroyed, can be interrupted if Hypnatica is attacked or force to dodge, wall rush. Last for 5 seconds after each attack disappears after third attack but can switch targets depending on who you lock on to. Backward- Song of dissonance Description: Hypnatica becomes stationary and swings her pendulum in Circle aoe above her head, creating a dome aoe that flips the controls on any enemy who enters it. Hold down button to extend range and AOE size. (Does no brave damage, dodge cancelable. Debuff last until enemies leave the for, attack Hypnatica or force her to dodge. Aerial Neutral- Condescending whip Description: swings the pendulum in wide diagonal strokes to deal brave damage. Damage increases the close to the tip of the whip the opponent it. Final hit decreases defense stat by 10 percent for 10 seconds dodge cancelable. Locked in place Forward- Phantasm of Sloth Description- summons phantasma demon to attack similarly to ground version but deals a debuff that decrease stamina recharge rate for 10 seconds on final hit dodge cancelable, wall rush, last 5 seconds after each attack and can switch targets. Backward- shroud of the heretic Deal no brave damage but turns Hypnatica invisible for 5 seconds Dash- Phantasm of Malice Quickly summons phantasma demon to charge and explode on target in a short distance in front of her. Resulting explosion deals brave damage causes a debuff that forces the enemy to lock on to a friendly party member for 3 seconds. Wall rush Ex skill Negative Zone Creates a global AOE (or Sephiroth size aoe) enemies inside the aoe are randomly targeted by phantasms that appear near them, while their attacks deal no brave damage they do deal random universal debuffing ( stamina break, defense break, attack break, bind, poison, darkness, confusion etc) skill last or ten seconds HP attacks Phantasmal Killer Summons Phantasm to disappear and reappear behind opponent and strike, can be charged up to three times for three different attacks by the phantasm (kinda like kefka trine). Phantasma of Wrath Summons Phantasm to spin it's claws in a large sphere aoe that deals brave damage before hp attack, note: can be combo into by forward ground/aerial Shade cloak Cloaks herself in a black aura, if attacked opponent takes Hp damage and gets darkness debuff Bitter Dreams. Launches a long range wave attack of screaming spirits at the enemy. Qoutes Entrance: Witness the stuff of Nightmares. Your dreams are but fodder for the one god. Obey and you can sleep soundly Victory: one more dream turned to dust. Defeat: how could this dream be so powerful that it overshadowed mine!?

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