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  1. Hey guys, not sure if many of you will remember me but I'm Star from the old Dissidia Forums (full name back then was Starseeker358). Been playing Dissidia since 2009 and was a member of the forums from 2010. I used to do some mod work and graphic stuff with all the OG members. Started to tone down a little bit around 2012 and have been semi active since. I'm an avid Zidane main in 012 and have put in 1500+ hours into the two PSP games collectively, some of my favourite games of all time. I played the NT beta several months ago and I'm real keen to get back into it when it comes out next month. I'm in Australia so if anyone else around here is from Oceania as well HMU as I'm sure I'll be looking for games. Hope to talk to you all again!

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