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  1. 12771aa

    Custom GMO tutorial

    here is one for 1.8.4 in the forum post https://kippykip.com/index.php?threads/milkshape-3d-1-8-4-serials-keygen.213/
  2. I use the dlc creation tool.
  3. 12771aa

    website to download models?

    look on Deviantart. install xnalara xps. load/import in the xps models from deviantart and export them as obj. You may not need it but I use it for a lot of my mods. Models need to be in obj format to rig them. The final gmo needs to be under 2.4mb. Blender has a nice tool that can lower the polygon count.
  4. 12771aa

    12771a mods

    MoM Sora and Kairi mod
  5. 12771aa

    12771a mods

    aqua vs anti aqua https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fpeHQ9XBX9I
  6. 12771aa

    12771a mods

    kh3 kairi
  7. 12771aa

    Custom GMO tutorial

    on noeisis you need to go to advanced commands and type in -fbxoldexport. this seems to be the format that can be converted to mds.
  8. 12771aa

    Custom GMO tutorial

    You can go to select and select vertices. That allows you to select certain things instead of a whole mesh group.
  9. 12771aa

    Custom GMO tutorial

    1. you can go to tools, scale all and do by 10000% and it should make the bones look normal. Try exiting out of the software first b4 doing that. Then go to the section where you can see the mesh groups and delete what you want, Scale back to normal by going scale all>1%. 2, Or you can hide the bones and delete from there without needing to scale. The reason the bones appear like that is because of scaling. You likely didn't mess the model up.
  10. 12771aa

    12771a mods

    kh3 sora dl links in the descri
  11. 12771aa

    12771a mods

    some kh3 related mods
  12. 12771aa

    12771a mods

    google drive https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1M9H4fXxldxDVWA_klzLQKIUuz7xTwGpn recently made echo over cod botw Link in google drives and mediafire folders
  13. 12771aa

    12771a mods

    I was from the old forums here is a folder of my stuff http://www.mediafire.com/folder/b1wr7964r962i/Mods my yt channel featuring various video of the mods recently made a thanos one
  14. 12771aa

    Custom GMO tutorial

    thanks anyone where to get some models. I want to dmc4 nero over squall.

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