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  1. So, I started a new playthrough of FF4 DS. I didn't like the name I gave to ???'s Love, and want to avoid starting from the very beginning to change it; I'm burnt out from starting out since I've been playing it on and off all year. I did a lot of Googling, and I've seen a lot of cheat codes for FF4 DS which do some interesting things, so I assumed there would be a code to rename the ???'s Love augment. I didn't find one. I'd like to know if there is an Action Replay code which allows you to change the name of ???'s Love. Like something which would open the name prompt you get from Namingway or perhaps a code which I can use the hexdecimals to change the name. Anyone know? If not, how can I make such code? Or would anyone like to help me, please? I'm using the cart, BTW. Thank you ahead of time. 🙂
  2. Aegis Runestone

    Site feedback

    Yes, I meant character badge. Why is it unlikely?
  3. Aegis Runestone

    Site feedback

    Can we have a slot for our Dissidia 012 main, too? I would love that. Because you never know, some people might change their main with NT.
  4. Aegis Runestone

    Final Fantasy IX Revealed for PS4

    Hopefully, it'll be an enhanced version of the Steam version. Another reason for me to get a PS4! :D Edit: Apparently, it's already out; check PSN.
  5. Aegis Runestone

    Question about where Quests go

    Aww... that's too bad. All right, thank you.
  6. Aegis Runestone

    Question about where Quests go

    Would they go in the Creative subforum here? Or will there be a subforum for them in the Dissidia 012 forum?
  7. Aegis Runestone

    Zoomin Games NT devs interview

    Yeah, I heard about no story mode, and hoped it was just a rumor. But... it's true. I think I may skip out on NT. I suck at fighting other players in every fighting game, and I *LIKE* story modes in fighting games. This is... highly disappointing. :/
  8. More villains would be nice. I wouldn't mind seeing Rubicante from FF4, for example. However, I WILL riot if Rydia doesn't get in. :P
  9. Aegis Runestone


    Excited... but... the Season Pass with new characters?! Dang it! I don't think I can afford a PS4, Dissidia NT, AND the Season Pass even if I get a job. :( Unless I get lucky and get a novel published.
  10. Aegis Runestone

    Dissidia Final Fantasy NT closed beta

    Can I even sign up if I don't have a PS4?
  11. Aegis Runestone


    Looks like I need a PS4 now since I want this and: Bloodborne Assassin's Creed: Origins (whenever it comes out. Ubisoft's been working on this one for 2+ years, so it should be great! Takes place in 49 BC in EGYPT).
  12. Aegis Runestone

    Your Dissidia biography (aka the introduction thread)

    Welcome, man! It's awesome to see you! :)
  13. Aegis Runestone

    Final Fantasy Record Keeper

    Yeah, well... Don't tell me this thread died because I left. :/
  14. Aegis Runestone

    Final Fantasy Record Keeper

    So, I wanted to let you guys know I uninstalled FFRK. I felt like I was hitting a wall, and all those gem pulls were hurting my finances. Ever since I uninstalled it, I feel like I have more free time, more money, more freedom. I don't feel bound to do dailies everyday or rush to get events done. It's a good feeling. It was fun for awhile. May 1st would have been my 1st anniversary for FFRK, but I needed to leave, or at least take a break. Though, from what I've read, FFRK is only going to become more grindy from here on out. I'll keep updating the first post with Record Materia and other updates from reddit, though. EDIT: Speaking of which, check the first post, I added a lot of useful info.
  15. Aegis Runestone

    Dyxo's custom Dissidia movesets

    From looking at these custom movesets... is it just me or do the Arcade characters have less options? I want another 012, not Arcade if Arcade is going to be boring like that.

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