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  1. BlazerIke

    Your Best Characters and Why

    Sephiroth was one i really enjoyed but dash cancels were a bit touchy at first still really bad. My biggest winners were yshtola ace and ultimecia i had a blast with all 3 and would love to learn how to use them. Garland was my favorite vanguard due to simple but effective gameplan. Speed wise noctis and jecht really stood out. Sorry if its a bunch i tried a ton of the cast lol
  2. BlazerIke

    Looking to meet people to play NT with!

    Im down to play with you guys as well! My psn is Jjpalmer2
  3. Heyo im newish to the scene i used to be on the old forums but played mostly pve stuff i mained sephiroth in the first game and gabranth/sephi in the second I play sf5 and competitive smash 4 as well I look forward to meeting you all and learning Yshtola and Sephi to not be a burden to people! PSN is jjpalmer 2 and my discords blazer

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