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  1. Nichol

    Thoughts on tournament formatting~

    Stages should stay random through the entire series. If something happens where a stage comes up twice in a row and both teams agree to re-random a stage then that should be acceptable.
  2. Nichol

    Thoughts on tournament formatting~

    I didn't want to bring up the Smash games. Half rant in spoiler As is NT seems well off. HP would be the biggest debatable item and after extensive tests having a higher HP pool could lead to specific increases in time (like an extra 30 seconds per 1000HP over 5000HP for example). There were times in the beta I felt 3500HP wasn't enough because of how easy it is to get bravery when hitting someone with a lot of it.
  3. Nichol

    Thoughts on tournament formatting~

    How would new characters being released be treated? (I did see what you said Kengreg but it is something that needs to be a bit more detailed than "cannot use") Typically if a character is made playable within two weeks to one month of a tournament (varies per event or event owner) that character is banned for the event due to how character knowledge is extremely limited (no idea how to play matchups, avoid setups, mechanics knowledge, etc.) at that point and anyone who uses that character could have a very big advantage over other players. Would that be the case or would it just be "anything goes?" In regards to maps, timers, and life most games nowadays are balanced so that the default life, timer, and stage settings are tournament setting (except when something beyond ridiculously powerful such as legit infinite combos that guarantee death with absolute ease) and would be the default way to run tournaments. I agree that some maps in DFFNT do seem a bit big but you have tools available to cross stages in a fairly good amount of time. Right now the only character that has a big advantage of absolutely huge open space is Cloud with his Cherry Blossom HP attack because (I think) it is the only truly global HP attack in the game. The individual parts can be modified per event but is completely up to the discretion of the event runner (for example someone comes up with a Blitz themed tourney where there is only one minute rounds to get as many Incapacitations as possible and whichever team has more wins at the end of that round). Coming from competing in fighting game tournaments I've rarely seen changes to New Game Default settings rulings at events that game developers themselves haven't patched in (for example in DOA5 the original "Normal" health values were 270 and have since been patched so the "Normal" values are 300). Team Ninja is really good at balancing their games so what they have now is how they've balanced the game to play. 1v1 and 2v2 would be neat to see but the game isn't really balanced for those modes and while you can still run them you are still being limited to 3v3 mechanics (I would love to see TN make a legit 1v1 or 2v2 mode that acted like the other Dissidia games, mostly with blocking).
  4. Nichol

    Guess the Pass

    According to Square the first batch of characters are as follows: 1) Male, All-New to Dissidia, Later-Era FF games. 2) Male, All-New to Dissidia, Early-Era FF games. (Could be Minwu or Locke) 3) Female, All-New to Dissidia, Later-Era FF games. 4) Male, All-New to Dissidia, Later-Era FF games. 5) Either Yuna, Prishe, or Tifa. 6) Male, All-New to Dissidia, Later-Era FF games. So my guess is 1)Auron 2)Locke 3)Garnet 4)Balthier 5)Tifa 6)Caius

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