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  1. PsYkiiiK


    Well, not to be a negative Nancy, but the game is in fact super shallow. 1v1s would be boring as hell so cancel that and even the top rated people have to simply ignore a yshtola spamming holy and go attack something else if they're playing melee (pressing square over and over is a top tier tactic and don't say no because I watch it over and over in Crystal.) I don't have a problem with zoners, I just think I have a gripe with how simple the game is honestly. The only "hard" part, after you learn what each character is capable of, is coordination. Either way it's definitely a fun game.
  2. PsYkiiiK

    Kuja Discussion

    Yes as is great against marksman in general. I just hate it sometimes lol.
  3. PsYkiiiK

    Kuja Discussion

    Anyone else play Kuja? I feel a bit weakness are other fighters with better range. Also being focused. He's more centered around single targets.
  4. PsYkiiiK

    Community Match Review

    Videos or at least explain certain situations. I think we should really have more character discussion threads. We could take a lot of stuff in there thus keeping it organized.
  5. Synergy is going to be an important thing at a high level of play. That being said all the summons have potential because a lot of ex skills have potential. To me ex skills are best used to cover individual character weaknesses. For example as Kuja, I like revivify and HP Regen. Kuja wants to not die so both these help plus revivify helps compensate offensively since he has a hard time wall rushing at times so it allows me to chase easy. This makes Ramuh really good but only with other team mates using buff skills. As Kuja I like people who either like Ramuh for more offensive capabilities and survivability or Bahamut so I can get to Trance faster. That being said I know people like Ifrit and Shiva mostly but they have the potential of not helping much at all. My teammates? I like having a marksman and a vanguard that's good at applying pressure. Kuja tends to get targeted because of trance. Marksmaks require attention too and a good vanguard like Cloud can't be left alone either. I would love to hear what other people like playing with and why.
  6. PsYkiiiK

    Best Marksman

    What's is everyone's thought on favorite marksman? I like emperor and yshtola best. I like traps. However I understand that Ace, ultimecia, golbez and terra are really good.
  7. PsYkiiiK


    Game will be dead without them. GG. People were saying Ninja theory is good at balancing but they've never made anything balanced. HP spam for days in 3v3. Seems deep and well made. Sure there can be more to it than that, but all the general populace will see is running away and HP spam.
  8. PsYkiiiK

    Kuja Discussion

    I love Kuja. I've used a good deal of the cast, and although I have my doubts about assassins in general, let alone going solo, I like Kuja the best because of how safe he is plus how he's like a support. He takes great advantage of the games passive nature and with the right setup can be very offensive. He covers every angle from a safe distance. I really like Seraphic Star, and against marksman it's really good, but Force Symphony has been helping me carry with him a lot more. It's super easy to land in almost any circumstance. It's very quick as it catches rolls and allows you to escape quickly. Again Seraphic Star is good but any halfway decent team will be trying to kill you before Trance and is hardly consistent. Plus when you wall rush you feel useless. Quickly and consistently landing HP attacks is what you want with Force Symphony to take people out for a few seconds and force their hand. Plus it's an amazing mix-up and hard to dodge.
  9. PsYkiiiK

    Your Best Characters and Why

    It's OK! People should play as many characters as they can! Sorry about the double post didn't mean to.
  10. PsYkiiiK

    Thoughts on tournament formatting~

    I believe stages should be random but losers can choose after game 1. Seems pretty standard in fighting games. They can make a difference.
  11. PsYkiiiK

    Thoughts on tournament formatting~

    Well the closest example we have (competitive brawler, same as dissidia) is super smash brothers. They've changed the timer and most stages are banned. Remember, although I disagree on some levels, most people will say that brawlers aren't fighting games. I say they're a branch off of fighting games like army is a branch off military. I've played a lot of 2d fighters as well and they're a lot more straight forward and to the point with their game design.
  12. PsYkiiiK

    Thoughts on tournament formatting~

    I just meant for tournaments. You think some maps might be too big? Especially if you turn the time limit up or something. Do you think all the maps, time limit, and the set HP limit would be best for this game at a tournament level? I remember 012 with 9999 HP made adhac real fun but time consuming. This is assuming you can even change the health in the custom matches.
  13. PsYkiiiK

    Thoughts on tournament formatting~

    Should all maps be available? What about time limits? What about Max HP? What about 1v1 and 2v2?
  14. So what were your thoughts on the characters you like so far? I know it's early still but with the Japan arcade being out and watching them along with playing a bunch (including training my dash cancels with Sephiroth against bronze npcs) I have some thoughts on a few characters. Zidane: Had a lot of fun with this guy and so far I think he is one of the better choices for a speed character. It's very hard to pin him down. He can attack well from any angle and his ability to follow up it's ruthless. With Bahamet I feel like he has trance a whole lot and catching dodges with free energy after his up aerial bravery hard knockdown it's easy to debuff and take people out for a few seconds consistently. He can freely up air bravery to get far above everyone making it easy for him to stay safe. Kuja: some of the best attack angles in the game. Very easy to stay safe and he punishes a passive playstyle very well. Again with Bahamat I feel it's not hard to get to trance and start buffing your team. Seraphic star punishes any shoot character well as their bravery attacks are slower than it. He doesn't have the best damage but it's very hard to finish him off especially with coordination. If you don't pay attention to him or keep running away, your team will lose. He's got the potential probably to be the best speed type imo. Tidus: amazing in 1v1 situations. His mix-up and crossup game are excellent and he's very unpredictable. He requires attention from multi enemies. Not the best team player like other assassins and not the best damage but again very slippery. Sephiroth: when octaslash comes out, he is going to be unreal at chasing people down. He is relentless and you must play his game. Outrageous range and amazing punishes are going to make him a powerhouse.
  15. Hi guys! Played a lot of 012 right up until recently. Current interests include Kuja, Ace, Sephiroth, Tidus and Firion. So far liking Kuja and Firion the most for their purposes. Kuja punishes a passive playstyle which I feel is good for this game and Firion can hold a position extremely well with his unmatched ground game. Mained Sephiroth in 012

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