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    Possible FFD Characters

    First I would like to start by saying what characters I would like to see and why Genesis (ffcc) Caius Ballad (ff13 2) Cid Raines (ff13) Vincent (ff7) General Glauca(ffkg) Wol (Mobius) If I had any say in who I play in FFD these 6 characters would be them and here's why. Starting with Genesis, he's a power character with a great story and self-drive. The character could add great story elements to FFD, not to mention bad as cutscenes. Obvusilty having a direct dialog with Sephiroth, and storage Deja-vu with cloud and Zack. This would add some awesome context for players. Caius Ballad, the reason I put him on here is that I feel like the villains in FFD need more of a.. "leader?" I'm not sure how to put it but Caius Ballad was righteous in a twisted way, and his character could move well with the other villains of FFD. I'm not necessarily suggesting putting him on FFD for equal combat with Lighting, in fact I would rather him have interest in the Warrior of Light or Cloud but, his abilities in FF13 2 were worth showing off some more so I would like to see him here. Cid Raines reminds me of a strategist sort of character, and even though you don't fight him in his "human" form in FF13 you fight him in his "monster" form. I think both forms should be in the game, Have Spiritus grant this control of power to Cid as a gift of sorts. Vincent, I don't think much needs to be said in Vincent's case if you know him or even seen him in Final Fantasy Advent Children so I won't even explain myself there. General Glauca, omg I'm very surprised he's not on his game, he would make for a great combination in the area. Not to mention possible conversation between Noctis and the General. Obviously his ability would fit into FFD aswell. I think he would just be a perfect character for this type of game. Wol, some people don't really know of him but I think that's exactly why he would be great for this. I personally don't know that much about him but when I say a trailer on youtube I was interested. I just never download the game on my phone. I'm not saying add this character to this game for marketing reason's I'm implying that Square might wanna show off a character. As a student developer and 3D artist, I know the feeling of when you make something cool and you share it with the world but the world doesn't respond in mass or what not. All I'm saying is Wol to me is an underrated character with "probably" some interesting abilities. I can say that with confidence because I have faith in square, and there characters. As for questions about the game and hopes for it after playing the beta, I personally hope to see better exp abilities, Limit Breaks, more slots for HP attacks. possibly different combo bravery attacks. A 1v1 (with 3 different characters to play with) a ranked mode, A 6v6 battle area mode (increasing Max HP by 10% or whatever is reasonable for that mode) that would intint at least 2 different big team maps, Have a stock system for each character instead of a overall 3 extra lives. Because if someone is bad or even if you are bad on your team you or that one guy would actually drag the whole team down with him. Not to mention trolls just afking or intent dying just for the laughs. There's is a couple more things I would like to mention but I think this is a good starting point. Please feel free to disagree, agree, comment and start a discussion with me about this. I'm happy to address anything I can. Thank you
  2. TheTruth1915

    Possible FFD Characters

    As a long time Fan of Square and their titles, I'm obviously overjoyed that they are re-launching FFD. I only wish them the best. But playing the Beta recently I have some worries but even more hopes. This is where I and many others will be posting in hopes our questions or feedback will be answered/granted.

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