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  1. D-V

    Custom GMO tutorial

    I have this error when i want to convert to GMO (from "OriginalDissidiaModel" to "YourNewModel"), i never had this error before. Can anybody help me please.
  2. D-V

    D-V Mods

    Since u're subs and very nice, i'll tell u the char for the next mods. Hope u like it! ☺️
  3. D-V

    D-V Mods

    Hallo everyone is been a while, since the last 2 years i have to quit mod for the job. Well, i back to share my mods (for most my old stuff). The list are: -Bahamut (FF13-2) = Garland -Bhunivelze (FF13 LR) = Emperor -Snow (FF13 LR) = Squall -Shiva-Nix (FF13) = Prishe -Shiva-Stiria (FF13) = Tifa -Alto Angelo (DMC4) = WoL -Bianco Angelo (DMC4) = Kain -Sora (hack Versus) = Zidane -Balder (hack Versus) = Squall -Bahamut Fury (FF7 CC) = F.Chaos -Shiva (FF Type 0) = Prishe -Setzer (KH2) = Sephiroth -Reks (FF12) = Cecil Everything is on my YT channel, if anyone ask why not put the link on my thread? Well, in the beginning i want to make a content for gaming, and i want to continue my project again right now. Thank you very much for anyone that support me and i'm really sorry if there is my mistake and something is not according to expectations. If you want to download my mods, you can visit my channel: Thank you very much! πŸ™‚
  4. D-V

    D-V Mods

    SiegeJay: Unfortunately i don't.
  5. D-V

    D-V Mods

    Thank you very much. :)
  6. D-V

    D-V Mods

    Thank you for reminding me. :)
  7. D-V

    D-V Mods

    + Sypha at Page 1
  8. D-V

    D-V Mods

    A new mod on page 1. :)
  9. D-V

    D-V Mods

    Thanks for the link. :)
  10. D-V

    D-V Mods

    Yup,no doubt about it. But,i like G.U. models. If Link have models like G.U. i think i can make more mods. :P
  11. D-V

    D-V Mods

    Try to place your model with all textures in one folder.
  12. D-V

    D-V Mods

    Yup,i like the game,unfortunately Bandai didn't release it in english version (Because i like Yuri Lowenthal for Haseo VA). :)
  13. D-V

    D-V Mods

    I've done Geist from .hack//Link. You can check it up!
  14. D-V

    D-V Mods

    Sorry for very late reply, because i'm really busy (Not even had time to upload new character). I see you are trying modding, I think before I do it. I will see your efforts first (I hope you finish it). Good luck! :)
  15. D-V

    D-V Mods


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