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  1. Didn't realize I needed this in my life.
  2. Aureolus

    online stability is horrible always

    but but but 24fps feels cinematic!
  3. Aureolus

    Guess the Pass

    1) Male, All-New to Dissidia, Later-Era FF games. 2) Male, All-New to Dissidia, Early-Era FF games. (Could be Minwu or Locke) 3) Female, All-New to Dissidia, Later-Era FF games. 4) Male, All-New to Dissidia, Later-Era FF games. 5) Either Yuna, Prishe, or Tifa. 6) Male, All-New to Dissidia, Later-Era FF games. My Guesses: 1) Snow - FFXIII (someone needs to tick lightning off) 2) Leon - FFII (arguing that he seems to be a current thematic-fit) 3) Penelo - FFXII (arguing for some camaraderie for Vaan) 4) Alphinaud - FFXIV (please kill me) 5) Prishe - FFXI (because we NEED more fast-action characters!) 6) Aldyn - FFXV (since the trend - there is a protagonist for all titles, I suppose Noct needs an antagonist)
  4. Aureolus

    Your Best Characters and Why

    I realise I am about to become the jester begging at the king's table for scraps here, but I have taken well to playing Garland during the Beta, with a bloody amazing victory shot (cornering my 3 enemy teammates and killing them all with a single HP attack). Wish I could have seen their faces. Statistically, on NT, Garland is my best to date. I want to master them all though (oh oh, Bartz vibes incoming!)
  5. Wow... pinch me. I found this community through a random facebook comment. Anyhow, greetings. I have played Dissidia and Dissidia 012 back in the day. Completely broke Dissidia 012 (since it was mechanically broken anyway) and ~ enjoyed doing it. Pre-ordered Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, and as of time of writing ~ 5 days to release. Can't wait. Hope to form some great friendships and greater rivalries in NT. Can't wait to master all characters (I am like that) and pummel my opponents into the ground until I am bored of it. Enjoy the ride guys.

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