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  1. Chris Shade

    Haussenkraft's Mod Collection

    Leave Kiyo for last, you already have her. The update will bring more anticipation I guess.
  2. Chris Shade

    Need help finding a Mod

    I dunno how you found one of his mods, but he has NEVER released his mods to the public. Everything were all private mods he only shared with friends or something.
  3. Chris Shade

    New to Dissidia modding, can anyone help me out?

    Oh, I thought you meant trying to make your own mods. It's possible, but you'd need to ask the maker for permission to alter his mod. I only know of 2 people who did that, agl89, and Deraj8 I linked their names to their topics, although Deraj8 hasn't really updated his topic with all his mods from the original Dissidiaforums. So you're better off checking his YouTube channel. I did technically make one myself. I also made one where Dancer Bartz uses the EX weapons of his allies rather than their normal weapons. Don't remember anything else.
  4. Chris Shade

    New to Dissidia modding, can anyone help me out?

    First off, you need some basic knowledge in 3D model rigging. I, myself, can't teach you as I completely suck at teaching. What I do know is that the Dissidia Modding Suite, and DLC Toolkit is not all that you need. You also need PNG2GIM, and GMOTool. Of the mods you mentioned, only Terra and Squall were made. As for replacing normal outfits, I think it's possible, I never tried it out myself however. Yes it is, you need a PSP with custom firmware. I switched over to emulator a year or 2 ago, because the recording quality from Dissidia's internal AVI converter is bad due to the resolution of the PSP.
  5. Chris Shade

    Chris Shade's Dissidia Model Imports

    Not really, first off, not much of a fan of the sentai series. Each sentai is a team, which means I can't just pick and choose one particular character, I don't have the models. And I've only seen like, 2 sentais
  6. Chris Shade

    Chris Shade's Dissidia Model Imports

    what tool is that? Besides, the Gashacon Breaker is asymmetrical on both axis. EDIT: So I pretty much finalised the list of Dark Riders and who they go over. Dark Decade - Bartz Dark Kabuto - Tidus Dark Ghost - Garland Dark Drive - Squall Dark Kiva - Exdeath Genm - Jecht Mad Rogue - Laguna Ryuga - Cloud Orga - Sephiroth Sorceror - Emperor Mateus Nega - Vaan Eternal - Cecil So far I've done Ryuga, Genm, Dark Ghost and Dark Kabuto. 4 down, 8 more to go
  7. Chris Shade

    Chris Shade's Dissidia Model Imports

    "Symmetry of the model", the model itself is asymmetrical in the first place.
  8. Chris Shade

    Chris Shade's Dissidia Model Imports

    So apparently trying to stick a gamer driver on Dangerous Zombie to make Level X-0 is waaay too high poly. In fact, the Gashacon Breaker itself is high poly. which is a pain in the ass.
  9. Chris Shade

    Chris Shade's Dissidia Model Imports

    Oh wow, what self-righteous pompous git. Coming from someone that doesn't even know forum etiquette and spams everywhere. Poisonous words like yours are the reason why nobody helps you, man. I'd like see you write a tutorial then, if you are such a better person than me. EDIT: on another note, does anyone know if there is a model of Kamen Rider Yuuki's Savage Gasher? anywhere? I already have the Gaoh Gasher, just need the Savage gasher.
  10. Chris Shade

    Chris Shade's Dissidia Model Imports

    I completely suck at teaching anything, so it's impossible for me to write tutorials. But not "generous"? What the hell does that mean? On another note, I have one of the Riders rigged. Plenty more to go.
  11. Chris Shade

    Chris Shade's Dissidia Model Imports

    I think I'll use the Transteam Gun in Rifle mode for the Rocket Launcher, since Blood Stalk used the Rocket Fullbottle in it before. I'll put Eternal over Cecil without him changing forms between Light and Dark. He'll just be a Rider using both darkness and light.
  12. Chris Shade

    Chris Shade's Dissidia Model Imports

    Laguna has - Machine Gun (main gun) - Shotgun - Sniper Rifle - Missile Launcher - Rocket Launcher - That Bigass thing he stands on in his EX Burst. Dunno if Build's guns fit that number or if they even fit. The one with the cape, but some texture edit and deleting of meshes can make him match the Red Flare. Thing is, I don't consider Jun Kazu as Eternal at ALL.
  13. Chris Shade

    Chris Shade's Dissidia Model Imports

    I said before, the model poly count is too high for me to use both in one mod. I can only pick one form to use. Either Level 0, Level X-0, Level 2, or Level X. Okay then, I can put him over Golbez. Though there is the idea of putting him over Exdeath with the Zanvat Sword. Then I don't know which weapon replaces which of Laguna's guns. On another note, i just remembered that Kamen Rider Eternal was a thing and am putting him in the list. Maybe Cecil? His model is easy enough to extract from Chou Climax Heroes. But who to put him over?
  14. Chris Shade

    Chris Shade's Dissidia Model Imports

    I still haven't got the hang of replacing the individual parts of Garland, but maybe it would work. I do have both the Bugvisor and the Breaker, I also do have the Level 0 and Level X-0 models of Genm. I have no issues with giving Dark Kiva a weapon. I just don't want to repeat using the same characters for this mod pack, since I am already using Ryuga for Cloud. there's the Nebulasteam Gun, Transteam Gun, Steam Rifle, Nebulasteam Rifle, Hawk Gatlinger, Kaizoku Hassyar, and Drill Crusher when it comes to guns. Not sure which one to use for which gun if I DO put him over Laguna.
  15. Chris Shade

    Chris Shade's Dissidia Model Imports

    Yep, I was thinking, Vaan? Since he can make all of Den-O's weapons using the Den-Gasher, I've never seen Ghost, so I'll take your word on that, but the Gan Gun Saber can be split into 2. That was before I thought of this Dark Rider only thing. I choose to put Ryuga over Cloud because Cloud's only magic has been Firaga and Meteorrain. I can edit Ryuga to use Strike Vent whenever he uses them.. I have both models, but they are too high poly so I can't have him switch forms in EX mode, so I need to choose one model. Oh yeah, Kiva's Emperor Form was the one that stuck a golden bat onto it. I can just remove that and give it to Dark Kiva, but not Cloud. I'm trying not to repeat using the same characters for this mod pack. It's confirmed then, Dark Drive goes over Squall Steam Blade can only go from Shortsword to Rifle. And none of Build's weapons can be used as a spear substitute, so I'm not sure about Firion.

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