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  1. Chris Shade

    (I need help) KH3 Anti-Aqua Mod

    poly count limit. If the model is too high poly, the file size would be too high and dissidia won't be able to load it.
  2. Chris Shade

    (I need help) KH3 Anti-Aqua Mod

    leg also needs to have that same fade into blue effect as the arms
  3. Chris Shade

    no vale la pena perder el tiempo en esto

    reported for spam.
  4. Chris Shade

    D-V Mods

    Reported for spamming of multiple people's topics.
  5. Chris Shade

    Chris Shade's Dissidia Model Imports

    So instead of working on a Dissidia mod, I've been wasting my time doing this.
  6. Chris Shade

    Rare DLC Character

    Here's Vanitas-Ventus https://www.mediafire.com/file/z1gj53u80e8j7jx/Venitas.rar/file
  7. Chris Shade

    Haussenkraft's Mod Collection

    What the hell, where did you get this? 300? New Hero?
  8. Chris Shade

    Deraj8 Modding Archives

    What's the viewport setup for your Milkshape, cuz it seems to me like the model you loaded into it is not actually upright, but rotated 90 degrees from origin
  9. Chris Shade

    (I need help) KH3 Anti-Aqua Mod

    Lemme tell you something, character models are the same between the PSP version of Aqua and the version of her from KH2.5. The only difference between them is the resolution of the textures, which might be an issue because Dissidia 012 has file size limitations for their GMO, and textures are the second biggest parts of a GMO to take up file space, next to the animations. The only model differences between PSP version of BBS and the ReMIX is the poly count of the playable keyblades. Everything else is just higher resolution textures.
  10. Chris Shade

    Chris Shade's Dissidia Model Imports

    Guys who translated the Nanoha PSP game taught me how to rip from it. So which do you prefer? Movieverse? Or Original anime version?
  11. Chris Shade

    Chris Shade's Dissidia Model Imports

    I found no uploads of it. The only trace I found were to a tool to rip them made on a Chinese blog, but the MediaFire link is dead and nobody re-uploaded it.
  12. Chris Shade

    Chris Shade's Dissidia Model Imports

    From Magical Battle Arena NEXT. Problem is that the thing has so many triangles that I can't actually have her transform whenever Lightning uses different weapons like that old Erza Scarlet. Most I could probably do is give her alternative gmos to use, one each for Lightning, Sonic, and Blaze forms.
  13. Chris Shade

    Yuna As Aerith Mod

    Not sure, unfortunately, the original creator, SkyBladeCloud hasn't been active all that much in the modding since before the old Dissidiaforums went down. I know he went an answered a couple of questions here, but that's the extent of his involvement.
  14. Chris Shade

    Chris Shade's Dissidia Model Imports

    So is anyone here a fan of Magical Girls?
  15. Chris Shade

    Deraj8 Modding Archives

    is using fragmotion absolutely necessary?

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