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  1. I forgot to put "Then at 2009" after Funkyman. My bad. But yeah, anyone mentioned after Funkyman was 2009. Actually to be honest, I think I met Funkyman in 2009 also, but he was with the rest of the 2008 group so it's kind of blurred at this point. Remember that 2008 was only like... 10-20 days, give or take.
  2. You got nothing on me. One of the very first on AHP even back when the game was released in JP in 2008 along with fossils such as Aichi, Seelenschneider, Lockon, Wolfion and FunkyMan and then later on with some complete prat and then later than that NeroMD, Dave and Belts and even a little more later with Jodah and Wedge. Then the NA/EU versions. Met some great people in those times and some not so great. But some fun facts quickly about when I was first playing: We didn't know how insanely powerful criticals were. Especially Counter Attack/Sneak Attack. Because of those two, many random NA players back in 2009 would accuse me of cheating despite playing by their rules. I still have some of those videos on my Youtube (though privately linked.) Despite what everyone on Youtube believed: My main was and had always been Terra. However I did play a bit more Emperor and enjoyed playing him more than Terra admittingly, even back in the JP version of the game. I also had Cloud of Darkness, Ultimecia and Exdeath in my arsenal also with those five always being my most fun and favoured to play.
  3. Kraid

    Ultimate Fight Final Fantasy XIV

    Some 'pet projects' are nice. Others to me aren't always. Usually I'm not a fan of sequel games for example. However I would have loved to have seen "Fortress." Admittingly though I don't like seeing games that are shown and then never released. I get very interested in them and waste my time looking into all the information I can about this sort of stuff. =( So please Square, release it so I don't do this for this game.
  4. Kraid

    Ultimate Fight Final Fantasy XIV

    Trouble is, a lot of behind the scenes games and such like never make the light of day. It's very cool looking and I'd play it, just that even with feedback it won't see the light of day if it's already been canned.

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