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  1. Nidexx_196

    Thoughts on tournament formatting~

    @Gmac_da_6god Yeah sounds fair Bo3 and finals Bo5 sounds pretty interesting
  2. Nidexx_196

    Thoughts on tournament formatting~

    Stages should be picked tho, since stages have a big role on winning or losing a game, you can’t just play a game by chances but by skillls you know. Letting stages random is like winning or losing the game gambling. The idea is to have an advantage using the stages available. Giving the game 1’s Losers have an opportunity for a comeback right? About time limit and HP...well that should go to the TO’s judgement right? I mean sometimes default HP and Time (open beta) wasn’t just enough. But have to keep in mind that bravery it’s easily increased with a wall rush combo so...imo it’s just for the TO’s saying

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