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  1. Hello everybody! My first Final Fantasy game was FF7 on the PS1. I didn't know a bit about the whole serie, i thought FF1,2,3,4,5, etc were the sequel of the first one (so i thought to see Cloud in each one..). :D After a few years i understood their differences and started playing them all.. but i was lazy that i just finished FF5 and X.... and, Crisis Core. Crisis Core was my first and only game that i know quite everything. I know the most of the story chats and Zack was my favourite character ever. Also, i started playing that game in 2009 in the summer holiday at the sea, where i met a girl (maybe the first falling love on the first seen?). But then i lost her as soon as i came back home. 4 years later i was still randomly playing that game and as Zack says:"4 years?" when he thinks about her Aerith and decides to come back to her place, that worked for me.. as i went to the same sea, the same place. But, like Zack i wasn't able to see the girl. Then one day i saw Dissidia for psp and it was love at the first impression. There wasn't Zack, but i found other interesting characters: like Tidus, Squall and Cloud. Then 012 where i played so much to know the most of the characters quotes. However i found that sometimes your favourite characters aren't the ones you're stronger with. It happened to me, my stronger characters were: Warrior of Light, Onion Knight and Squall. Now it worked the same with Dissidia NT, started with Tidus but found that i'm stronger with Sephiroth. However, i'm here to meet and play with someone! :) Looking forward to meet some italian player, too! :)
  2. chippz

    Looking to meet people to play NT with!

    Hello! I am a new member too.. PSN: andrewgobbez GMT: +1

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