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  1. Hey everyone ! I'm Cece and I'm craving for offline tournaments ! First of all, this is only supposed to be a poll to determine if the interest is even high enough. I know that the game just recently came out. Everyone has yet get into the game first and so on, but that won't and can't stop anyone from meeting offline, discussing things, grinding and playing matches in an competitive environment, can it? Being a TO myself for quite some time in the Smash community and for the Pokemon Company, I have all of them: the connections to sponsors, venues and production staffs, in order to provide an appropriate stage for the competitive Dissidia community. The games may be different in their needs, but the necessary equipment are pretty much the same. At a later time many of my friends and I will hold a bootcamp at my house to check what internet connection is needed to suffice for 3vs3 AND streaming. The best way to go about this would probably be the Riot / League of Legends style. That means having qualifiers first ( online in this case ) and then getting the top 16 teams out to the event venue for offline encounters. The offline event will most likely take place in Düsseldorf, Germany - which is easy to reach by train and airplane, though and close to other european countries. I have yet to flesh out the details and the optimal way to approach this idea, so any discussion, ideas, suggestions, feedback etc. would be really helpful ! Best regards,
  2. cecesees

    Thoughts on tournament formatting~

    Considering the average match time, Best of 3 should be played, if not even Bo5. At least Top 16 / Top 8 should be Bo5 minimum if there should be any tournament running bracket. Also what Gmac said: and for the time being also implement the rule that the team who can pick a stage may not choose a stage on which they have won already unless Gentleman's rule takes place ( both parties mutually agree on the pick ) ?

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