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  1. DyxoXinoro

    May I make some simple mod requests here?

    While I do wish that guides had been properly archived from the old site (both gameplay and modding), that doesn't mean we have to trample on everyone that comes here. Fun fact: complaining about modders (understandably, in my opinion) want to focus on their own thing doesn't really help the situation. I think people going "community is bad" does more harm than modders going "Okay, well I'm going to finish up my current thing first, then we'll see what happens." Sure it'd be better if there was a thread I could pin that just shows all the essential knowledge, I'm not going to deny that, but shooing away people isn't helping.
  2. Table of Contents Final Fantasy I Matoya IV Rydia VI Edgar Roni Figaro Locke Cole Setzer Gabbiani VII Compilation Vincent Valentine Zack Fair VIII Rinoa Heartilly Seifer Almasy X Duology Paine XIII Trilogy Snow Villers Oerba Dia Vanille Oerba Yun Fang Hope Estheim Sazh Katzroy Yaag Rosch Galenth Dysley/Barthandelus XV Universe Noctic Lucis Caelum Prompto Argentum Gladiolus Amicitia Mystic Quest Benjamin Tactics Delita Heiral Kingdom Hearts Sora Xemnas Terra Live A Live Sundown Masaru Takahara Li Kuugo Chrono Trigger Robo Magus Devil May Cry Dante Lady JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Jotaro Kujo Rohan Kishibe Persona Eriko Kirishima (P1, P2EP) Makoto Niijima (P5) BlazBlue Ragna the Bloodedge Legend of Dragoon Dart Rose Kongol Miranda Other (aka series I can't see myself making multiple movesets for) Dust (Dust, An Elysian Tail) Captain Falcon (F-Zero/Smash Bros) Quote (Cave Story)
  3. DyxoXinoro

    Dyxo's custom Dissidia movesets

    Quote Bullet Traveler - Aggressive and versatile, armed with a wide variety of powerful weapons. Fluff 012 Type Arcade Type Notes I probably could have made a full 012 moveset for Quote with all of his weapons, but it felt wrong when I started it up. EX Mode having him just skip straight to level 3? It works, but meh. If people really want to see it though I'll make a full 012 moveset for him. If I do, Nemesis will be his EX-Burst. That way there isn't one weapon that becomes functionally useless in EX Mode. I had a ton of fun with his NT moveset though, and working out how each weapon would function when brought to a fully 3D space was a pleasure. I worry about him being a little too linear and same-y with his attacks (especially HPs), but I didn't want to stray too far from source material. Although it did cross my mind to make Fireball carry opponents down with it when used in midair, because a dunk that's a projectile sounded fucking hilarious to me. Although probably really unbalanced.
  4. DyxoXinoro

    In case your wondering...

    Sorry to necrobump, but mod note: part of this conversation has been hidden due to some actions I had to take unrelated to this thread. However I cannot restore the related conversation due to the context being edited out by the hidden poster. But it did make me sad reading this. It's a shame that the discord did kinda swallow the community, and a lot of the problems arose from both that and DF shutting down due to a lack of funding and the site admin vanishing to the wind. At least, that's what I heard happened. Maybe I should have payed more attention to here and helped out more before my computer broke instead of just using it as a dumping ground for my own stuff. Such is the past, though. With any luck I'm hoping that I can help make this place at least a bit better.
  5. DyxoXinoro

    Chris Shade's Dissidia Model Imports

    Mod Note: If people seem like parts of a conversation is missing in this thread, it's because I pressed the handy "flag as a spammer" button on a certain trouble maker. Would have taken care of the issue sooner, but my computer was borked until recently. Thank you for your patience.
  6. DyxoXinoro

    D-V Mods

    Question: Why aren't you sending links to the things you want to show your friend directly? Why bump topics that are not only inactive, but in some cases have been long since dead? Isn't it also message board etiquette to not necrobump a thread unless you actually have something to add?
  7. DyxoXinoro

    Combo Video Archive

    All those confirms into Satellite Laser are just beautiful to watch.
  8. Hey! Always happy to see some people willing to support what others might write off as a dead game. We don't organize much on the forums specifically, but if you haven't yet our discord (found under the Social tab at the top banner) has a fairly nice sized group of people who still actively play 012 and are willing to help you learn more competitive play.
  9. DyxoXinoro

    Dyxo's custom Dissidia movesets

    Makoto Niijima Raider Queen - Run down foes with nuclear force. Fluff 012 Type Arcade Type Notes I've been playing a lot of Persona 5 lately, and my brain did what my brain normally does. It makes Dissidia movesets. Makoto I thought had the best potential out of any of the characters in it (aside from maybe Joker, but I could have fun with Wild Card nonsense using Yu Narakami or the P3 protag if I really wanted). The idea of a character just riding a bike across the stage to run people down was fun in my head. But I knew I could go further. Having her hop on and off Johanna as a core mechanic got my brain going, to the point where I ended up breaking some conventions to make it work wonders. Oh well.
  10. DyxoXinoro

    Dyxo's custom Dissidia movesets

    Terra Earthen Shadow - Break the enemy apart with the strength of the mountain. Fluff 012 Type Arcade Type Notes A while back Liam mentioned wanting to do the BBS crew as movesets, and made a comment about having trouble making Vanguards. So I offered to make Terra in his stead, mirroring the way that he had designed Ventus. Admittedly I had a tough time figuring out whether I wanted Dark Impulse or Rock Breaker as his final form, but I figured DI had a wider variety of moves to pick from (Dark centric vs Rock centric) and was more important to Terra's character (especially given it's forced upon the player in one fight). Though I ended up giving some dark moves to Fatal Mode so that Terra would actually be able to enter Dark Impulse if I were to follow by how BBS's Command Styles linked into each other.
  11. DyxoXinoro

    Dyxo's custom Dissidia movesets

    Jevil Underworld Jester - Disorientate foes with chaotic, mismatched abilities. Fluff Arcade Type 012 Type Notes I realize that by doing anything Toby Fox I open a bit of an internet Pandora's Box. However, I have no intention of doing anything else Undertale/Deltarune at this time. Jevil is just too fun and I had an easy time imagining him in Dissidia. The mechanics in UT/DR are a bit too weird for me to try and translate anyone else, even if I wanted to (and part of me does want to). Maybe when DR is finished I'll revisit the game and see if anyone else could be translated without too much weirdness. As such I picked a dungeon theme that I think can be used universally. We'll see.
  12. DyxoXinoro

    Dyxo's custom Dissidia movesets

    Delita Heiral Ark Knight - Cripple opponents with holy wrath and leave them for death Fluff Arcade Type 012 Type Notes To be honest, I never actually got that far into Tactics. So this is just me compiling and BSing some stuff for an AC/NT style moveset based on what people were saying on the Discord. I might finish this later and make it a proper entry into this thread, but who knows when that'll happen.
  13. DyxoXinoro

    Dyxo's custom Dissidia movesets

    Gladiolus Amicitia Shield of the King - Push through any opposition with a blend of brute force and powerful defenses. Fluff 012 Type Arcade Type Notes I feel like Gladio was the easiest one to make out fo all the brothers. Though maybe I shouldn't say that before starting Ignis, even though I already have him basically finished in my head. He just has a delightfully straight forward playstyle that I think I was able to translate almost 1:1 without any real issues into Dissidia. Plus I think people might enjoy the return of Shantty's old 012 BRV gimmick. And before anyone asks me about the potential balance issues with Royal Guard, I'm currently under the belief that if Gladio gets four stacks of rage I'm pretty sure he's either playing 1v1 (which the game isn't designed for) or someone's feeding him. Fantastic noob breaker, questionable effectiveness at higher play where people can either ignore him or harrass Gladio from a distance.
  14. DyxoXinoro

    Dyxo's custom Dissidia movesets

    Summons seem to be made with very general effects. Makes me kinda wish that they'd at least let Leviathan have his debuffs from the story mode when summoned.
  15. DyxoXinoro

    Dyxo's custom Dissidia movesets

    Rohan Kishibe Pink Dark Boy - Disable the opponent by sealing off their abilities. Fluff 012 Assist Arcade Type Note People mentioned the idea of a character being able to seal HP attacks in the discord, and then I asked myself "Why stop there?" I told you guys not to give me ideas .
  16. DyxoXinoro

    Dyxo's custom Dissidia movesets

    Prompto Argentum King’s Rifle - Stave off opponents with a mix of explosives, firearms, and deadly machinery. Fluff 012 Type Arcade Type Notes I've been meaning to do the boys for a while now, and a conversation on the discord as few days ago prompted me (heh) to start with the gunner. Seems to be the trend with my recent movesets. For whatever reason I seem to have a lot of fun making gunners for Dissidia. Maybe I'll do King. Or the rest of the boy band. Not sure.
  17. DyxoXinoro

    Dyxo's custom Dissidia movesets

    Captain Falcon Breakneck Bounty Hunter - Rush down opponents with lightning fast speeds and strikes. Fluff 012 Type Arcade Type I was going to let Liam do this, but unfortunately it seems like he's been banished to the Void. Though his moveset is based on how he plays in Smash Bros, I intentionally didn't port it 1:1 and took some creative liberties to try and capture the feel/aethetic of playing him. Especially with how I incorporated Smash 4's custom moves into his NT moveset.
  18. DyxoXinoro

    Dyxo's custom Dissidia movesets

    Robo Multi-Function Machine - Calculate and execute the ideal strategy with an array of powerful, interchangeable parts. Fluff 012 Type Arcade Type Notes Here's something five years in the making. First laid down the frame work back in 2013, and only just now finished it. It's what I meant when I said that Miranda would be a test for him. All the arm attack designs are based on concept art from Chrono Trigger's release. The DS Arms weren't included due to their lack of concept art (that I know of). Also, for whatever reason, it's not letting me add in his themes in. Not adding Quotes again, sorry. It's been so long since I've played Trigger that I kinda forgot how he talks.
  19. DyxoXinoro

    Dyxo's custom Dissidia movesets

    Miranda Sacred Sister - Stand your ground with a flurry of arrows and divine light. Fluff 012 Type Arcade Type Notes
  20. DyxoXinoro

    Dyxo's custom Dissidia movesets

    Rose Black Monster - Eliminate enemies with a power that can deny even gods. Fluff 012 Type Arcade Type
  21. DyxoXinoro

    Dyxo's custom Dissidia movesets

    Kongol Gigantos - A giant of a man capable of breaking others within the blink of an eye. Fluff 012 Type Arcade Type Can you tell that I really like dragoon yet?
  22. DyxoXinoro

    Dyxo's custom Dissidia movesets

    Dart Feld Red Eyed Dragoon - Burn opponents down with relentless, insanity driven assaults. Fluff 012 Type Arcade Type Notes
  23. DyxoXinoro

    Dyxo's custom Dissidia movesets

    So I was a dumb and forgot to include Matoya's NT style moveset when I first posted her. Whoops. Still got no idea what to do with quotes though.
  24. DyxoXinoro

    Dyxo's custom Dissidia movesets

    I think some people might see Monk, since Master is playable in Record Keeper, but I doubt anyone would expect White Mage or Thief. OG Red Mage would be fantastic though.
  25. DyxoXinoro

    Dyxo's custom Dissidia movesets

    Matoya Eccentric Witch - Harness immense magical power and healing potions Fluff 012 Assist Arcade Type Notes On the discord we were talking about potential FF1 reps that could be added into NT, and Matoya came up. Then I remembered that she was in Record Keeper and tried my hand at transferring her RK abilities into Dissidia. I'd say it went pretty well, even though I firmly believe that she wouldn't be more than just an assist in 012 (plus if Liam can get away with it, so can I). That said, I have zero clue what her quotes would be since I haven't played FF1 in a long ass time and don't play XIV.

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