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  1. Here ye, here ye! To all who witness here today, a proceeding and final determination will occur regarding the case of Bash Broz v BR VII…

    On February 5th, 2017, a match occurred between Kurp (Zidane, AKA Blaklite, AKA iTriggered, AKA ChocolateShake) and VII (Exdeath, AKA Lag Surfin’) on Orphan’s Cradle. The initial match was ended prematurely due to a accidental summon activation. By the grace of the BB TO’s, the match was awarded a “redo” to resolve the issue. The two players commenced the redo and finished the match in its entirety. However, it was discovered by Mr. Kurp and Ms. Irae (AKA Chase Who**) that VII had altered his customization in comparison to the initial match (i.e. “Auto Assist Lock” was engaged in the initial match, but then disengaged in the redo match).

    After confronting VII about the accusation, VII denied the claim, despite the witnesses claiming, otherwise. Because of the allegations above, the following charges are present:

    - Failing to obey a lawful order
    - Deceit
    - Poor sportsmanship

    Concerning these charges, the Bash Broz Committee has come to a decision regarding the fate of Duck Dynasty, Winner’s Bracket, Round 3…

    Regarding Player VII of Duck Dynasty, the evidence against you and the evidence for you, you are hereby DISQUALIFIED from the Duck Dynasty Tournament.

    Let this be a lesson for all of you before you decide to try and cheat your opponent's...

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  2. ncic1c.png
    Greetings, peasants! Since the conclusion of that garbage of a Major, "Genesis," Bash Broz of the Dissidia Community is proud to present to you our very first Minor tournament of this forum: Get Salty 3: Shots Fired! What is Get Salty, you may ask? Sit down and pucker up, mother fucker cause its time that you clean your earholes out and listen to what The Rock is cookin'. Get Salty was a tournament series in 2009 & 2010 ran by some OOOOOLLLLLLD farts of the Dissidia Forums by the names of Mikeee, Rey Magnus, Kraid, Wedge and Rei-N. Their vision was to allow 100% of the game in a tournament setting and see what could be picked apart, in order to formulate a perfect ruleset. The series died out for unknown reasons, so here I am, Ehx, the last remnant of the Get Salty series to bring you back the glory of ehxploitations. Without further ado, here is the nitty gritties for Get Salty 3: Shots Fired:





    • Ruleset: None
    • Feral Chaos ALLOWED
    • Summons ALLOWED
    • Chasing ALLOWED (not restricted to the One-Hit Chase Rule)
    • Infinites ALLOWED
    • All items are ALLOWED
    • All stages are ALLOWED
    • Hacked Items BANNED
    • Brazilians BANNED
    • Hillary Clinton Supporters BANNED

      Note: Every player is responsible for checking for hacked items. Qu-Bai Accessories are also banned, as they are usable in the Labyrinth, only.

    Tournament Format

    • Double Elimination
    • Sets are best of 3 matches. Winner's Finals, Loser's Finals and Grand Finals will be best of 5 matches.
    • Save ALL of your matches and send the replays to dissidia.community@gmail.com
    • Any rage-quitting behavior, be it "softly" (pressing Start > giving up the match) or "hardly" (closing the PPSSPP, etc.) will result in a disqualification from the tournament. Shit talking before or after your matches, however, are A-okay! Please bring out the best in you, aside from being a player and hiding behind a computer monitor in your mommy's basement.

    Counterpicking System

    All stages, including the Omega variants, are allowed.

    Match 1: A player will locate a TO. That TO will be responsible for a Coin Flip. Both players call heads or tails. The TO will, then, disclose the result of the Coin Flip. The winning player will be designated as "Coin Flip Champion" and the other as "Coin Flip Loser Jerk Face." The following will occur, afterwards:

    •     Coin Flip Champion announces a stage to be played on.
    •     A Double Blind Pick will occur.
    •     Both players pick their character and customize at will.

    Matches 2, 3, 4, 5:

    •     Winner of previous match bans two stages. The stage banned also includes it's Omega variant.
    •     Loser of previous match picks one of the remaining stages.
    •     Winner announces character to be played.
    •     Loser announces character to be played.
    •     Both players customize at will.

    Note: Dave's Stupid Rule will be in effect at all times.

    How does double blind pick work?


    Both players choose their characters and then private message a third party their decision. Then, the third party will announce the two characters.

    The idea is that both players choose their character without the knowledge of which character their opponent chose.

    Match Scheduling

    Get Salty 3: Shots Fired will start at 6pm Pacific Standard Time (PST) and is expected to last 4-6 hours, depending on the efficiency of player's matches. At least three TO's will be present at all times to help coordinate the tournament in order to ensure a smooth transition.

    Additional information


    Don't pull a Garuga or Spyder and take a million fucking years when customization your shit. Because this tournament allows, virtually, EVERYTHING, it is HIGHLY recommended that you have your builds ready prior to the commencement of the tournament. No one wants to stare at your character customizing for 15 straight minutes just because you were lazy gettin' fat off McDonalds before-hand. If you are caught doing this like a twat, a TO may get involved and reprimand you for your stupid'ness. This means that you could receive a verbal warning that could include mean and hurtful words, and criticism from the masses. Furthermore, if you deliberately ignore a TO's warning, you may be branded for a disqualification and constant shaming. Don't be that guy. Also, you are responsible for making sure that you and your opponents are not using hacked items. If you suspect that hacked items are present, do not continue with the match and notify a TO immediately. Remember, we want this tournament to run SMOOTHLY, not the other way around. Your understanding is appreciated!

    Kick Ass Prizes

    I'll be providing a prize of 25 'Murican dollars to the Supreme Champion AND a nifty role to the top two players.

    Sign-Up Format

    You will not be required to sign up on this page. Instead, you will sign up on my Challonge page below:


    Everyone will be required to Check-In one hour prior to the start of the tournament. If you fail to check-in, you will be removed. Checking in is easy. All you do is click on the Bracket link when the time comes, which will prompt you to check-in on the top-left of the page. Once you do that, just sit back and wait for the tournament to officially start.

    Tournament Organizers

    TO's are automatically designated and will assume the role of Tournament Organizer without their permission (also known as "Slaves"). Any volunteers, however, is welcome and would be greatly appreciated. Please let me know either in this thread, in a PM or on the Discord group. I will, personally, not be participating in this event and will be strictly TO'ing.

    Please feel free to discuss or ask any questions about Get Salty 3: Shots Fired in this thread. Good luck and see you on the battlefield!

    ~ Ehx, Gotem Duck of Bash Broz

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  3. Loser's Bracket, Round 4: xffixbmlx vs. Miller2B

    Match 1: xffixbmlx (Zidane) vs. Miller2B (Lightning) - Sky Fortress Bahamut ~ xffixbmlx (1-0)
    Match 2: xffixbmlx (Zidane) vs. Miller2B (Lightning) - Order's Sanctuary ~ xffixbmlx (2-0)
    Match 3: xffixbmlx (Zidane) vs. Miller2B (Lightning) - Crystal World ~ xffixbmlx (3-0)

    Winner: xffixbmlx (3-0) over Miller2B.

  4. Loser's Bracket, Round 3: xffixbmlx vs. Deferther

    Match 1: xffixbmlx (Zidane) vs. Deferther (Kain) - World of Darkness ~ xffixbmlx (1-0)
    Match 2: xffixbmlx (Zidane) vs. Deferther (Firion) - Order's Sanctuary ~ xffixbmlx (2-0)
    Match 3: xffixbmlx (Zidane) vs. Deferther (Cecil) - Lunar Subterraine ~ xffixbmlx (3-0)

    Winner: xffixbmlx (3-0) over Deferther.

  5. Winner's Bracket, Round 2: xffixbmlx vs. TJ

    Match 1: xffixbmlx (Zidane) vs. TJ (Tidus) - World of Darkness ~ xffixbmlx (1-0)
    Match 2: xffixbmlx (Zidane) vs. TJ (Tidus) - Order's Sanctuary ~ xffixbmlx (2-0)
    Match 3: xffixbmlx (EhxDeath) vs. TJ (Teeheedus) - Order's Sanctuary ~ xffixbmlx (3-0)

    Winner: xffixbmlx (3-0) over TJ.


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