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  1. Himynameisjules7

    Final Fantasy tunes I hummed to my kids for good night

    Balamb Garden and the City of Balamb (they use it for over locations but I remember for Balamb) are two of my favorite pieces. Also the walk to Besaid Island is pure bliss
  2. Himynameisjules7

    Your Best Characters and Why

    When I started the game I was Cloud to get the mechanics of the game back in my memory. Switched to Squall once I felt comfortable with the controls and just started playing around. I usually switch up my HP attacks depending on how well one is serving me at that point, I love Fated Circle for its quick egnition, but love charging Blast Zone. Ultima is interesting but haven’t given it enough time to get a full opinion. Still learning Squall so my playstyle isn’t set in stone yet
  3. Himynameisjules7

    Your Dissidia biography (aka the introduction thread)

    I guess this is the best place to start, Hi my name is Julian, I’m a huge Final Fantasy fan and I dig Dissidia. I played the first Dissidia on a psp (I got strictly to play this game mind you) and was hooked. With VIII being my favorite FF, it was amazing seeing Squall (my favorite FF character) clashing with classic characters in their series. I enjoyed playing as Titus and Cloud as well, leveling each character up gleefully wasting my life on the game. I sadly never played the second one, though I craved to play it. My psp’s battery gave out and I was not looking into replacing it, so I never got the experience My other favorite character Laguna (Watched his gameplay on YouTube, I thought he looked fun; but I’m biased) I’m back with the series with NT, which I’m having a general good time with overall, though I do wish there was a single player akin to the firsts, but I understand the whole balancing thing for NT’s purposes so I’ll let it slide this time. (Though I wouldn’t mind a sequel for like the original on PS4). Squall is still my guy, though he took some getting use to (still trying to master his combos) though Cloud and Titus are still my back ups, with Noctis being a fun character to mess around with. DLC wise, I hope Laguna comes backs, I’d gladly pay for him. Me never to getting to play his gameplay is the perfect chance to try him out if they add him (seems unlikely because I’ve heard he wasn’t well received by the community? I’m not sure to be honest). Seifer would be great too, or Auron, but that’s a topic for a later discussion. But anyway, that’s my Dissidia story. I look forward to continuing this story with NT. thanks for reading, Julian B.

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