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  1. BlitzkriegOmega

    (Discussion): Underutilized characters

    For Gilgamesh, there's always costumes for his 12 and 13-2 appearences for direct model imports. for those more skilled, if you recall that one Exdeath mod that had him in the Dancer outfit (Honestly my favorite mod ever made)....why not that for Gilgamesh? it'd fit his goofy nature. ...but. Cloud of Darkness is difficult, given her very weird moveset and all that jazz.
  2. BlitzkriegOmega

    (Discussion): Underutilized characters

    Mind sharing that one? I'd love to see that in action!
  3. BlitzkriegOmega

    Music Mod Request

    I was considering making a similar thread, but since you beat me to the punch, I guess I'll just add my own requests: replacing the DLC music of FFI, FF2, FF3, and FF4 with the appropriate music from their remakes. I'm...kinda surprised this isn't a thing. I'm sure getting the MP3/WAV files will be easy enough, and I'm more than willing to provide if need be. ...though. some of the music choices for the DLC don't really feel like battle music. maybe some replacements might be in order? feel free to ignore my options in the spoiler. Final Fantasy 1: Final Fantasy 2: Final Fantasy 3: Final Fantasy 4:
  4. BlitzkriegOmega

    (Discussion): Underutilized characters

    aww. that's a crying shame. given so many characters can have their weapons DLC'd like Bartz and Vaan, Gilgamesh being the exception is kind of depressing.
  5. BlitzkriegOmega

    (Discussion): Underutilized characters

    I've seen the Digimon series and a couple pokemon mods for Kuja and CoD (And the best dumb mod ever is Waluigi over Sephiroth fight me) Laguna got off very easy with his moveset for mods, though I would have expected similar treatment to Vaan, though I don't see a terrible lot for him. don't get me wrong, there's the Uprising Pit and Megaman.exe mods and they're fantastic, but...not much else springs to mind. Yeah, but I would have at least expected someone to make 12 and 13's versions of Gilgamesh, but that E-Honda mod mentioned above is literally the ONLY gilgamesh mod I can find. it's a shame, I thought his hillarious personality and randomized weapon loadout would have served well for various mods. With all of the 12 model imports, I was kinda hoping someone would make 12 Gilgamesh with all of his bootleg swords
  6. BlitzkriegOmega

    (Discussion): Underutilized characters

    Hey there, y'all! I've been trying to make a nice and big DLC pack for when I play the Labyrinth and I've noticed a few characters have almost nothing to mod in. while characters like Squall, Cloud, and Lightning have more mods than I can count, I've noticed a distinct LACK of mods for characters like Exdeath, Cloud of Darkness, and Gilgamesh. it doesn't seem like "Tier induced scrappy" has a lot to do with it, since Laguna has a few good mods to his name, so I was wondering why some characters might be severely underutilized in terms of mods. is it moveset? is it difficulty in rigging? is it simply lack of ideas? and if you guys have any mods for underrepresented characters, do share

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