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  1. Mogstache

    Rise and Fall - Sign Ups are closed

    Edit : Gotta drop out :( Not a good enough connection for now, I'll come back some other time.
  2. Mogstache

    Lightning strikes twice sometimes - a light guide

    Yup you're right about that, both Crushing Blow and Thunderfall are punishable by AC. But it does depend on the situation, let's take an hypothetical one : Light has a full EX bar, one AST bar, and Squall has SbS and two AST bars but low enough BRV to get broken after an EX burst, Light uses AoO, it connects, Squall has no choice but to AST change so that Light can't make disappear both of his charges for nothing. Of course, situations like this won't happen often at all but it would be amazing to see someone pull it off. Thanks for the free fall bit, I wanted to know that info.
  3. Mogstache

    Lightning strikes twice sometimes - a light guide

    I know this is old but I have a few things to say about this, some things are just plain wrong and sometimes it just needs more precision. First of all, free fall thunder : it will not always work, I do not know why yet, but in certain situations Light won't be able to pull it off, I think it occurs after a dodge but it would have to be checked. I'm also pretty sure 'Aerith unchained' can only be pulled off if the opponent is on the ground, because in the air Aerith will make the opponent glitch and it will drop the whole combo. That happens because you need to summon Aerith pretty early on after Crushing Blow. While this can be useful to avoid getting punished after an AST change, the best option is still to do Thunderfall after Watera connects, because Watera -> Thunderfall is a true combo indeed, and it wall rushes, and you don't need to get on the ground to use it Imo this is useless if that doesn't help you break the enemy, because there still is Watera-> Thunderfall. If your opponent is lost because of this then he might aswell stop playing, even though I agree it can be cool in casuals. I'm sorry, but that's just wrong. Well, not exactly wrong, it probably work against someone like Bartz, but I can guarantee that anyone with a poke that is 13F or less (aka most of the cast) WILL punish Thunder after a block if Light tries to pull off a second Thunder, if that were not the case Light would be unpunishable wtf. Also, just saying, Light doesn't fear an Aerial Circle as she has enough time to dodge after a double Thunder and Squall could get punished very easily. It certainly DOES NOT stop Nightglow, its startup being 13F too. Also here's an important tech you didn't mention : Lock-Off Paradigm change, it's very useful to get into Commando in the middle of an attack for the +1ATK. To do it you need to unlock your camera during an attack and then switch paradigms freely, once you lock-on again you can change paradigms at will. This glitch atually leads to an other one, which is something you've got to be careful with : Army of One. That's right, if you do the glitch during the first few hits of AoO, the attack will stop, so if you want to maximize the damage by going to COM, just wait a little bit before using the lock-off glitch or your combo will drop. By the way, this can also be useful in some few situations, popping at the top of my head is against Squall or Sephiroth, so that they can't lvl2 AST change to punish you, do the AoO glitch and your attack will stop, potentially wasting both of their bars. Other than that, the guide is pretty good from what I've read, I'll have to admit there might still be a few things to point out but I'm too lazy right now to go over it xD It's still nice to see people interested in Lightning, I think she's got a huge potential and there's really a lot to get from this character PS : Why are some stages forgotten? I don't think you know that all stages but PT and the Rift are allowed in competitive play.
  4. Mogstache

    Duck Dynasty Bracket & Results

    Loser's Bracket Round 6 : Mogstache vs xXxBlakkLitexXx M1 : Mog (Squall) vs Kuro (Tifa) - Lunar = Mog 1-0 M2 : Mog (Lightning) vs Kuro (Prishe) - WoD = Kuro 1-1 M3 : Mog (Lightning) vs Kuro (Zidane) - Orphan's Cradle = Mog 2-1 M4 : Mog (Lightning) vs Kuro (Prishe) - Lunar ) = Mog 3-1 Winner : Mogstache (3-1)
  5. Mogstache

    Duck Dynasty Bracket & Results

    LB R3 Mogstache vs monxstar M1 : Mogstache (Squall) vs monxstar (Kuja) - Sky Fortress Bahamut ~ 0-1 M2 : Mogstache (Lightning) vs monxstar (Kuja) - Order's Sanctuary ~ 1-1 M3 : Mogstache (Lightning) vs monxstar (Kuja) - Order's Sanctuary ~ 2-1 Winner : Mogstache 2-1 over monxstar
  6. Mogstache

    Duck Dynasty Bracket & Results

    Loser's Bracket Round #2 M1 : Mog (Squall) vs Vycan (Kuja) - Vycan 0-1 M2 : Mog (Squall) vs Vycan (Ultimecia) - Mog 1-1 M3 : Mog (Lightning) vs Vycan (Kuja) - Mog 2-1 (forfeit so no replay) Winner : mog (2-1)
  7. Mogstache

    Duck Dynasty ~ Discussion

    Okay so Dart told me I could talk about the tournament on this thread so here's my copy/paste from DF : I think it's clearer this way, because the use of Round 2 is confusing -What is the required equipment? I assume it's PPSSPP with the NA version of the game but then what do I need? Hamachi? Something else? I think this should be mentionned somewhere. Thanks for reading, and I hope this tournament will be glorious :) I will edit this post for my own signup or make another one when I know I'll be available, but I'm looking forward to it
  8. Mogstache

    Understanding the Theory and Flow of Battle (PvP)

    I think this is irrelevant for the subject we're talking about. The topic is to help players understanding how they're supposed to fight; of course you're supposed to have studied your opponent's tools even though matchups are evolving, they only do at a slow rate. The external factors are obviously an issue but they don't have anything to do with the "theory and flow of battle".
  9. Hey everyone, call me Mog, my full nickname being kinda awkard :)
  10. Mogstache

    Site feedback

    I really appreciate the design of this website. It’s gorgeous. I also think it’s nice to have multiple forums for the new game. I can only see good stuff coming from here :) Not really much else I can say for now since I am still very new to this place, but I’ll be looking forward to how it grows!
  11. Mogstache

    This made my day

    I couldn’t agree more, having read the whole interview, I am happy to see that they intend to keep the Dissidia "feel" and some RPG features, all of this while having a balanced and competitive game. I really could not ask for more than those two things.

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