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  1. sure gimme an FFXII character that isn't Gabranth. I see how it is.
  2. Vector

    Best Marksman

    Ace is really solid, there's just nothing that makes him extraordinary or excel where other Marksmen can not. His Draw randomness is detrimental as well, even if it's not too impactful.
  3. Vector

    Ex/Summon/Team comps

    To be honest, I believe that while all the summons are good in their own right, it really comes down to 4. Shiva, Bahamut, Odin and Ifrit. The main reason I say this is because of their summon benefits and how they act in battle. Shiva is incredibly useful and probably the best one all-around, since her effects on bravery Regen and bigger base bravery cap can be invaluable in simply initiating the snowball and running away with the win. Her in battle abilities are also crazy, as being frozen in place means certain death against anyone with decent awareness. Bahamut is similar in battle as he creates no-fly zones and spontaneous eruptions, which make it difficult to tread the battlefield and like all other summons makes combos really easy. What I truly think separates him from other summons is Megaflare and how it essentially can provide an instant dive opportunity to a troublesome foe. Since it tracks then holds on hit (or guard breaks if you block it) you need to stay moving more than any other tracking summon attack. The visual effect is also obscuring, so the dive potential is insanity. Odin is the "all in" I feel. He's solid on the field and makes everyone move more efficiently. I feel he's he choice against ranged opponents or opponents who can't deal with constant pressure. Good against Marksman and weaker Heavies and Specialists. Against a well-rounded team I feel like Odin still performs because he allows your team to come back together quickly to prevent being singled out. Ifrit is another "all in", but against enemies with a tankier team. I feel Ifrit isn't the greatest in the field, but the ability to wear away guard is a valued asset against low-mobility characters. The extra BRV damage doesn't actually make a huge difference like Shiva's regen cap and rate increase. Just my opinions, but from what I've been experimenting with these 4 seem like the cut above. Though all of the summons are good when you plan around them I feel. As an ExDeath main I love Leviathan, as it makes Death Knell and Blight incredible lockdown.
  4. Vector

    Best Marksman

    Emperor and Y'shtola are very good Marksman types. Probably the best in the game. The Emperor adds so much control to the fight it is ridiculous.
  5. Vector

    Organized play development

    There are a good bit of tournaments popping up for offline crowds. Wednesday Night Fights is hosting a monthly series in LA, I plan to support the hell out of it if I can.
  6. Vector

    Looking to meet people to play NT with!

    I would like a Discord link as well. I'm having a hard time finding people to play this game with and I really want to go hard on it.
  7. Vector

    Garland: Character Discussion

    I absolutely love Garland. He's probably my second favorite character in this game as he's such a beast if he gets going, and it is quite easy to get him going if someone decides to make the unwise decision to scrap with you. Also I believe cyclone as the suck-in effect if I'm not mistaken which is very deadly in the 2v1.
  8. Hello everyone! I'm new to these forums, a scrub at Dissidia but grinding NT like a madman. I am an ExDeath main and from what I have seen one of the only ones on Twitch. Due to the lack of a true in-game leaderboard I have no idea who is recognized as the best ExDeath player currently, but I'm hoping to find em here! Hopefully we have a good deal of Japanese players here too. ANYWAY, onto the man himself. EXDEATH: Overview: ExDeath is a Specialist type. He has 3 'stances' or 'modes', all with varying abilities. So far, I have found no downside fundamentally with any of them and they seem to exist only to buff/augment ExDeath's moves. His projectiles are all considered "combo enders" and provide a fair amount of knock back. His sword moves are quick and his up/forward+O attack in the air is a nice way to get extra damage in on a wall hit or in the middle of a teammates combo. His 3 stances are BERSERK (BSK), NULLIFY (NLF) and HEXER (HEX) and each of them augment his primary EX move (∆). BSK gives Black Hole, a very fast melee attack that inflicts Brave Drain on it's target. NLF gives Power of the Void, which locks EX moves and inflicts slow in an area around hin (not entirely clear how potent/if it actually inflicts slow or not. I read it on the Reddit but it doesn't seem to be as potent as Slowga). NLF also allows your 'enders' inflict Death Knell, which locks the targets' EX moves. HEX gives White Dwarf, which inflicts Blight on your enemies allowing your other stances to inflict Curse on your enders, which is normally only doable in HEX mode itself. Curse lowers enemy stats. HP ATTACKS: ExDeath has some solid HP attack options. DELTA ATTACK: Shoot a beam from a summoning circle at mid range. Holding extends range. This is your starting HP attack and is very basic, if you're quick you can end a wall hit combo with it. MAELSTROM: Summons a huge tornado at the target's location. Not too sure how consistent it is, but with a grounded up/forward+O I have seen them go flying into the tornado itself when hit before. Or at least be sucked in it's general direction. ALMAGEST: ExDeath releases a dark energy wave around him, dealing HP damage to foes with decent range all around him. Holding the button also slows enemies in it's area of influence. OMNIBLOCK: ExDeath performs an OmniBlock/All Guard. Hitting him with a bravery attack (or HP attack if charged) will result in a counterattack that hits for HP damage. Impressions: ExDeath is a team player. My most successful fights as ExDeath are the ones which I am evading or debilitating my own assailant and peeling enemies off of priority teammates. ExDeath on the surface seems to have a good bit going for him, he has fast sword swipe Bravery attacks, good range with knock back projectiles that inflict a debuff on hit if you are in any stance except for BSK (and even then while under the effects of White Dwarf BSK enders gain Curse). He must go in on Marksman types however, as his own projectiles do not beat any of theirs. Thankfully, his toolset and Dashing Bravery attack (Dashing O) can allow for a surprising amount of forward mobility allowing him to dive a Marksman reliably but without the tenacity of an Assassin-type like Zidane or Noctis. He is a very reactionary and opportunistic character who has many different styles of play based upon your team, your choice in HP attack and your plethora of EX move options. His debuffs are powerful and Cursing enemies during the beginning stages of the game can prevent the early lead by itself. Late game Death Knell becomes one of the better tools available to block buffs like Mighty Guard, Mighty Strike, and other EX moves made to swing the battle. If you get off a White Dwarf, BSK mode will allow you the ability to lock an enemy almost completely if you hit them with Curse and Black Hole. On the flip side, his mobility isn't too great and I find myself relying heavily on my OmniBlock/Perfect Guard to get me out of the stickier situations. He doesn't have great ways to opt out of pressure in the close range game as once you see the 2 on you one about to happen you must be able to make the decision on who to hit with a knock back projectile and who to scrap with. He very susceptible to baits due to his reactionary playstyle and really suffers if caught alone. This is a very rough draft which I will come back to and edit periodically with others' findings. I just have been looking everywhere for resources on this character and have found little to nothing. What does everyone else think about the Demon Tree this time around?
  9. Hello everyone, I'm new to Dissidia in a more competitive way. I bummed the other games off of friends and played on emulators. I remember the banned Golbez infinite from watching videos online and learned it. It was awesome and although I knew it was banned in a tournament setting I always wanted to compete. I never owned my own PSP though, so I pursued other games like MvC3 and BlazBlue. With NT though I'm all in with my main man ExDeath, who I learned to love from the Dissidia games despite my favorites being 4 and 9. I hope to compete in the tournaments in Los Angeles if I can get a team together. As it stands I mostly just stream it and am on the climb grind. I hope to meet a good bit of you on my journey!

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