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    I mean if you're gonna complain about how YOU think the game should be played based on the short amount of time judging by your post only makes you look bad. Especially when the game has always been thriving in Japan and ranked is very much alive Sounds like you just have ass teammates, come to the discord and we can show you some stuff https://discord.gg/qazzgH
  2. 23/12/2017 Paru | PSN: NotParu Leif | PSN: Andoryu06 Shugotenshi | PSN: ThienThan Squall | Golbez | Cloud Matches
  3. This is only gonna make the wait feel much longer.
  4. I've never been so happy about seeing english text
  5. You and I both, except I'm the turtle. Heard of this game in like 07, bought a Japanese UMD. Found the wonders of Ad Hoc Party and it all went somewhere from there. My only real relevancy was getting 3rd place in the 1st major for JP DFF. Other than that I'm just your local shitposter

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