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  1. Defrether

    Genesis - Bracket, Discussion, Results

    Losers Bracket Round 3 - Defrether Vs Owlflame Round 1 - Defrether (Firion) vs Owlflame (Golbez) on Top Floor - Defrether 1 - 0 Round 2 - Defrether (Firion) vs Owlflame (Golbez) on Top Floor - Owlflame 1 - 1 Round 3 - Defrether (Kain) vs Owlflame (Golbez) on Order's Sanctuary 2 - 1 Round 4 - Defrether (Cecil) vs Owlflame (Gilgamesh) on Order's Sanctuary 3 - 1 Winner: Defrether 3 - 1 Owlflame
  2. I'm a Def, hi. I started around the release of Duodecim with some old friends of mine back when we all played on PSP's and whatnot, played quite a bit there, mained Cecil for the longest time, alongside playing Kain here and there (Someone's gotta teach the impostors from a real man ;) ) and it fell off after a while. So I stopped for a few years, came to play against real people again on PPSSPP a few months back and here I am now. Though I'm nowhere near as good as some of the people I've seen play, and more than likely the ones I haven't, I want to constantly get better, bad day or not. I dropped Cecil as a main the first few matches of playing online PPSSPP especially after being so terrible, hah. But I picked up Firion and now I mainly play him, Kain, and some Sephiroth/Warrior of Light here and there.
  3. Defrether

    Genesis - DDFF Major Tournament

    Username: Defrether Hamachi ID: Defrether Timezone: GMT -7 (PST)

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