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  1. Hey guys, I've been loving Dissidia Nt which dropped not that long ago. Been a pretty fun fighting game easy to play and the new team mechanic is pretty interesting. I don't think I ever completed a mainline final fantasy game other than 15 but I know some stuff about all of them. Put like 300 hours on Dissidia Duodecim just for fun, loved playing vs the cpus and the story mode. I really love the mix between RPG and fighting which are my two favorite genres. Don't really think of myself as a competitive person, just like figuring stuff out in the game. Played smash 4 competitively though before, used to be PRd #1 in my hometown. In NT I've been playing Bartz and loving his mechanics and playstyle. Signed up for this website because I saw the Final Fantasy twitter talk about tournaments. The prize for the newest tournament "Newtale" is the soundtrack which is something I would love to have in my car. So I was driven to find a team and stuff and compete for that. My solo rank is Diamond B as Bartz, and seen the people that are competing online already. If you want to play in that tournament and lack a partner I'm down for it! Actually sort of hoping that my local Gamer bar/dungeon starts hosting local tournaments for this game sometime later, it was even promised! Getting some more experience now wouldn't be too bad as well.

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