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  1. Yo. I'm mint, pretty new here. I've been a Final Fantasy fan for awhile, although the only ones I've really played are FFI, FF6(Favorite), FF7, FF10, and FF13. When I was younger I got the first Dissidia on my PSP and played it all the time (replaying it now, there was a LOOOOT of content in this game, like wow.). With NT coming out I got hype but after seeing some of the gameplay(strictly 3v3) it seemed pretty eh imo. I found my PSP awhile ago and started playing Dissidia for fun and it's actually sort of addicting, despite the fact that I have yet to play online. Playing it again made me want to look up tournaments and then I started watching Duodecim videos-which, holy fuck it's crazy entertaining to watch high level play-and now I'm here. Didn't even realize there WAS a Dissidia community tbh. Anyway, my main goal now is getting Duodecim on my Vita (I doubt anyone plays the original anymore + my PSP is kinda broken), and playing that with people. That's my introduction, I guess, I look forward to playing more Dissidia, and maybe I'll get NT at some point.

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