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  1. I don't remember ever having to perform a dash combo with Mario, while saving princess peach, against a player controlled Bowser. So the way the graphics interacted with latency didn't matter. It wasn't connected to a network. So tell me why we are dealing with these issues now? In a game who's company is more then capable of creating a better host algorithm. I'm sick and tired of joining these matches where the, amazingly well done (heavy sarcasm), algorithm is picking LAGGING HOSTS FOR THE DAMN MATCHES. Seriously, how hard is it to say, "Hmm all these people are screwing it up for everyone else. Why don't we make a benchmark for latency in order to host?" But noooo someone's boss somewhere apparently has their head shoved to far up their arses. Get with the program and fix the crap! I like watching stop and shoot animation when it's not being made during my matches. No one wants to crawl up the ranking system just to be brought down by someone who's lagging and hosting.

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