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  1. roxxx011

    PLEASE HELP! Want to infinitely loop songs

    edit- I 've found the old program I used to loop songs properly and in batch though if someone could shed some light on how to manually do it that would be much appreciated
  2. roxxx011

    PLEASE HELP! Want to infinitely loop songs

    Oh man forget about that equation- 132kbps atrac3 is what I was supposed to say-found out in dissidia bgm that the implementation of the loop actually starts at the 5th offset however bgm in game compared to dlc needs to be converted to .toc file first-the reason why both at3 files look different- I must have used an altered GWAT tool the first time I did it few years ago. It seems you input a the middle segment of the track length in reverse at both the start and finish of the loop however something is missing from B01_01.
  3. roxxx011

    PLEASE HELP! Want to infinitely loop songs

    little endian so hex value is reversed.
  4. roxxx011

    PLEASE HELP! Want to infinitely loop songs

    edit...would be C6037300 if equation was correct...read somewhere supposed to change 4 bytes starting at offset 8 to value(length of song) - new value- 3400CC00= CC003400. Does not seem to work. Help would be appreciated.
  5. Hi, I made an account with the old Dissidia Forums ages ago- too bad to see all that content gone(if knew site would go down would have saved some documents on how to...)- was hoping some of the main modders could answer my request. I want to hex edit my bgm songs so they have an infinite loop- vaguely remember- all I remember from a few years back(took a break from texture modding) is that there is suppose to be some sort of formula used with the total amount of time for one complete loop and then you type in the reversed hexadecimal value(not sure if in header-I'm not a programmer) which is 8 digits long with a gap of 8 bytes. I found this equation off a website but unfortunately it does not explain if it is default for song looping. I assume the 32000 is in relation to the 320 kbps Atrac3 encoder. Also was wondering if you could summit a quick reminder on how to manually swap dlc parts and IDs as not familiar with this slot system- would prefer to do it manually. 206.106*32000*(8/7)+15=7537605.857142857 = 7303C6 =007303C6 =6C303700

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