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  1. Hello everyone, it would be great if the mods can pin this, if not it's fine!, but this is an important thing for us Final Fantasy fans! I sent them an email regarding the Translation issues (Terminal Vortex instead of Finishing touch, Hot Steel instead of Jecht Blade/Slash). I finally got a reply from them! Because of this i arranged an Excel document where i will send the translations inconsistencies that You guys have found or know that frustrated you when you saw it, it's time to fix them! This is the document that will be sent to them: Excel document The file has just been made right now, so the formatting will be fixed as time goes by, Please write down in the comments all the translation issues that you guys find so we can change them! WARNING THOUGH: The translation issue must be, FROM:(in-game) TO:(new name), and EXPLAIN WHY. A name that you think it would sound "cooler" or "better" this way is not a reason to put it in the list, this is mainly to fix inconsistencies between previous games of Dissidia, or other Final Fantasy games for that matter (Example, Finishing Touch is called Terminal Vortex in this game). ALSO VERY IMPORTANT: If you can provide Screenshots as evidence, that would be much better, i will try to attach said images to the document to make it easier. Let's make a nice list for them to apply to the game! Thanks to everyone in advance for participating in this 😛

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