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  1. Marakemi Ionis

    (I need help) KH3 Anti-Aqua Mod

    Hey Dani, I was wondering. So I looked up some KH:BBS mods and I came across a pretty few nice mods for bbs on the net, but hit a snag. Everybody was linking these mods to mediafire, aaaaand as you can guess: they're all dead.... There were a bunch of cool mods over terra, xehanort, ven and ofc aqua, and a lot of rather interesting ones too. So I was wondering if you knew a place where i could actually find these mods, or similar ones, which are actually downloadable. Much thanks, Marakemi.
  2. Marakemi Ionis

    In case your wondering...

    C'mon people, it's not like the community is all bad. Sure, we do get left in the dust, but maybe that's just because not many of the people who are modding have checked in a long while. I really agree with Mr. Sky here(although i haven't even the faintest clue about anything to do with modding but i do hope that i get to study and learn sometime). This community can grow and we just need some dedicated investment. We won't get the traction on the first try, but second, third, fourth, eventually it's bound to work. Plus, we do have cooperative modders here indeed. Mr. Sky, Deraj8, Haussenkraft, Chris Shade and more. They're really cool. So I bet thisnplace just needs a little bit more time and effort. Also, Mr. Sky, I really love your work. Big fan. That type-0 translation project, unfortunately it did go bust, I'm sorry for that. And your individually modding work, I really love them all. I wish you all the success in your current endeavour too. Best wishes to all and the community, Marakemi.
  3. Marakemi Ionis

    Stage Mod Help

    Oh my God, you people are amazing! I've been looking to get these files for a long time for whenever i get a pc so that i can jump into this and try modding.... However many millennia that might take though... But many thanks for the links.
  4. Marakemi Ionis

    (I need help) KH3 Anti-Aqua Mod

    Ah, I see. I used to use the Aqua model too, swapped it out for redhead Lightning and now 2B. Thanks to Haussenkraft for 2B. I forget where i got reddiegirl from tho. I really wish I could help you, I love all these dissidia mods, but 1. I'm a noob, and 2. I don't even have a pc at the moment, so all i can do is swap file extensions and rename and switch a free attachments here and there.
  5. Marakemi Ionis

    (I need help) KH3 Anti-Aqua Mod

    Ah, yes I was actually talking about your Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep mod since i assumed you've already finished it, but there's no hurry. Was a little bit curious since I'm an Aqua person and silver hair on her just got me thinking XD Also, about your dissidia mod, what's the current status?
  6. Marakemi Ionis

    (I need help) KH3 Anti-Aqua Mod

    You're putting Aquanort over Lightning, right? Well, of course ypu are. Silly me. Nevermind that. Rather, since this seems it'll take some time to get into action, would you be willing to release the mods you did of BBS?
  7. Marakemi Ionis

    The MikominMM Quality Assortment

    Would you happen to be able to do a Jecht outfit on Tifa? There was something like that on the DF, but it's lost now i think.
  8. Marakemi Ionis

    Chris Shade's Dissidia Model Imports

    Hey Chris, I was wondering, you know the tifa mod with the jecht outfit that was made by eldritch esper, is it still possible to acquire it somehow? I've looked through everywhere and the only link is the one to the dissidiaforums, which doesn't work. Any help here?
  9. Marakemi Ionis

    In case your wondering...

    O.o........ omai. So much pent up frustration. Well, maybe people should've tried looking into helping out more. I mean, these mods are really great =w= And getting half the stuff you see on YouTube or elsewhere is a real pain. Practically impossible cuz the idiots shut DF down. T^T Aaaaaanywho, uhh, welp hi and stuff. I'll just wisely go back to searching for noctis on firion, saber on wol and Tifa mods..... But really tho, a little bit of help like a link or two to these mods would be really appreciated. >.>
  10. Marakemi Ionis

    Deraj8 Modding Archives

    Anybody have any clue where i can get the tifa white hair thingy? I'm really Itching to get it. Thanks in advance.
  11. Marakemi Ionis

    euia's mods

    I know this is kinda late and dead a time to ask, but it's it remotely possible to somehow get the white hair Tifa file? I've searched all over the net but i just can't find it. Edit: nvm. Just me being dense enough to not click on the pic/texture link earlier. So now I've got it to work. But can somebody (for the love of god) tell me what the .edat file names for Tifa's dead fantasy great will be? It'll be a cinch to use it only it i have the names, seeing as how they're in .gim and .gmo format and that i won't be able to access the pc for a good 2 weeks or so since I'm out station. Thanks if someone decides to help. Oh, and the file name for Lightning beta would be great too.

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