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  1. Marakemi Ionis

    In case your wondering...

    O.o........ omai. So much pent up frustration. Well, maybe people should've tried looking into helping out more. I mean, these mods are really great =w= And getting half the stuff you see on YouTube or elsewhere is a real pain. Practically impossible cuz the idiots shut DF down. T^T Aaaaaanywho, uhh, welp hi and stuff. I'll just wisely go back to searching for noctis on firion, saber on wol and Tifa mods..... But really tho, a little bit of help like a link or two to these mods would be really appreciated. >.>
  2. Marakemi Ionis

    Deraj8 Modding Archives

    Anybody have any clue where i can get the tifa white hair thingy? I'm really Itching to get it. Thanks in advance.
  3. Marakemi Ionis

    euia's mods

    I know this is kinda late and dead a time to ask, but it's it remotely possible to somehow get the white hair Tifa file? I've searched all over the net but i just can't find it. Edit: nvm. Just me being dense enough to not click on the pic/texture link earlier. So now I've got it to work. But can somebody (for the love of god) tell me what the .edat file names for Tifa's dead fantasy great will be? It'll be a cinch to use it only it i have the names, seeing as how they're in .gim and .gmo format and that i won't be able to access the pc for a good 2 weeks or so since I'm out station. Thanks if someone decides to help. Oh, and the file name for Lightning beta would be great too.

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