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  1. Eddiegames

    Hitbox Hack/Mod

    It's also worth knowing even if it's possible or not to do, regardless of whether it exists.
  2. Eddiegames

    Hitbox Hack/Mod

    I was wanted to put a request out to see if anyone has/can make a hitbox viewing hack for the game. And I figured this would be a good place to put such a request.
  3. Eddiegames

    Combo Video Archive

    Some of the combos in the 5 JP Vids I posted are or aren't possible on the NA version, so I figured I'd include a reference for those that can and can't be done. The main reason why some JP combos dont work on NA is that 2 bugs got patched out; 1) Empty Chase completely resets all assist related states except enemy vulnerability 2) Assist Chase Prompt is preserved through new hits (All of the Solo Combo Vids work) 1st Vid: Gilga-Not Possible (Yuna wouldn't reset after chase(1)), Cloud-Not Possible (Assist wouldnt reset after chase(1)), Emperor-Possible, WoL 1st-Possible, WoL 2nd-Sort Of (If the Shining Wave only hit after the assist chase, it would work, but hitting before it won't(2)), WoL 3rd-Same Dilemma, WoL 4th-Same thing, WoL 5th-Not Possible (Assist would gray from the hit after chase(1)), Kain-Same thing, Shantotto 1st-Same thing, Shantotto 2nd and 3rd-Probably Possible (Not sure about 3rd), Ulti-Works, Laguna-Works, Tidus 1st-Nope(1), Tidus 2nd-Works, Bartz 1st-Works, Bartz 2nd-Nope (1), Bartz 3rd-Nope (Works up until 2nd GIlga(1)), Kuja 1st-Nope, Kuja 2nd-Probably Works, Kuja 3rd-Works, OK-Works, Lightning-Nope(1), Squall-Works, Shantotto 4th-Works, Shantotto 5th-Nope(1) 2nd Vid: Laguna-Nope(1), Tifa-Nope(1), Lightning 5th-Might Not, Not entirely certain(1), Kuja-Nope(1), Tidus-Might not, not 100% sure(1), Vaan-Probably Not, not 100%(1), Kain-Despite what it seems, this one works, Cecil-Probably works, All others work 3rd Vid: Kain 1st-Yep, But you have to delay the chase, Kain 2nd-Nope (1), LIghtning 1st and 2nd-Both Work, I just wanna give shoutouts that these are some of the smartest combo routes I've ever seen, OK-Probably Not, but not sure(1), Shantotto 1st-Nope(1), Jecht 3rd-Nope(1), Exdeath-Probably Not(1), All others work 4th Vid: WoL 2nd-Probably works, Bartz-Nope (1), Ulti-2nd-Probably works, Lightning-Probably works, all others definitely work 5th Vid: Kefka-Nope(1), OK-Nope(1), WoL-Nope(1), Seph 1st-Pretty Sure it works, but not necessarily with that timing(2), Seph 3rd-Nope (1), CoD-Nope, Kuja 2nd-Nope(1), Prishe 1st-Nope(1), all others work
  4. Oh yeah something I didn't even touch upon at all, a huge issue with this ruleset is that since assists are low, and EX Depletion is gone, losing 3k to EXR whenever you land an HP is very not fun it can lead to hording assist until you can either close out the round or protect from EXR
  5. lol really? wow My point with this one was that most of the characters that would BRV Hoard and then HP with EXR for the kill wouldn't actually care about how low EXR lasted, only that they could use it at all, characters that actually so make the full use of their EXR time (Garland, Gab, Seph) would get hurt by the change, whereas characters like Light who just build up, pop it, and immediately do an HP wouldn't care. BRV Boost on Block is still quite a bit of a gamble on non-Exdeath characters, and on top of that the set has -2 Def than most of the other Lv 100 sets, which is rather significant, I think it's pretty well balanced. And on Adamant's note, while it may be a tad strong as a Anti-Zoning tool, it's also very important on a lot of rushdown characters, and opens opportunities for combo potential on a few, and I don't really wanna see that go I agree with this, but it also hurts zoners that often have to whiff attacks in order to exert pressure, that's why I suggest it be something very low, like 20-30%, but I think it's important to have at least somewhat. Otherwise all your points make sense.
  6. Hey Sys, so just looking over this here are some thoughts - With Side by Side and Bravery Recovery Up Banned, I don't understand why the Base Brave 1250 Limit is there, and without Piggy Stick or Thornlet, you cant get it much higher than that anyway(edited) - I have no idea at all why Brv Boost on Stage Destruction is banned - EXR Duration Boosts are relatively niche for a few select characters, I don't see why they're banned - And EX Core Appearance Boost has risks involved, and since side by side is banned, it's still valuable for both players, but I can kinda understand this for the sake of not building meter too quickly - With the Straight Damage Accs banned (the best ones anyway), I'm slightly surprised that Sniper Eye and to a lesser extent Booster arent - I don't really understand Snowpetal's Ban, Genji's kinda makes sense, for the Regen reasons, and also because in a no SbS format it would be very strong - Don't get why Riposte is banned, the other extra abilities make sense - Also if you're trying to reduce crits, maybe ban Assist Critical Plus? (Although I understand the point of trying to make each assist more valuable)(edited) - EX Revenge Duration being shortened isnt something that most characters care about, they mostly only care about the defensive utility and getting one free HP hit. It really only significantly negatively impacts Garland and Gab - I feel like Assist Guage Charge (Attack) should be something, just really low; because as is, while zoning is in place it can make assist gen for both parties very inconsistent, it also super duper nerfs Exdeath, but that's not nescecarily a bad thing Besides those points, I think everything looks pretty good And I'm down to trying it in the future
  7. Eddiegames

    DDFF DLC Toolkit - DLC generation/edition tool!

    Here's a link to the MP3 > AT3 audio converter for modding in music, when using the tool make sure to put the audio bitrate at or below 128 or it wont play, also in order to convert the MP3 file must be in the same folder as the executable. https://drive.google.com/open?id=16qtYWeypQ-Ev2Shfj5cfp3wBUl4azi7x And here's a link to the Dissidia Suite program, for any modding needs not covered by this tool. http://www.mediafire.com/file/t0ajyc6bexf694h/
  8. Eddiegames

    War of the Worlds (Themed Assists tournament)

    For Onion Knight, as reference for his Knockback Cancels https://drive.google.com/open?id=1IgTtbG-nYQ_QTptrX9lA9hAQR0nNAJJZ https://drive.google.com/open?id=16XWYm4q4Oosv06NfezcjEPlfTIYZvhZ6
  9. Eddiegames

    War of the Worlds (Themed Assists tournament)

    Small addition after further testing, I've confirmed Cecil is in fact, way easier for Kain, and the assist I would recommend for consistency, although he is weaker in damage and cant combo off ground slams from the SbS boost. Still tho, Golb can do some cool stuff.
  10. Eddiegames

    War of the Worlds (Themed Assists tournament)

    Here's a Kain compilation https://drive.google.com/open?id=1608XLtEIFuVEIK-jTlPIIwb0ixFjhU69 https://drive.google.com/open?id=1igRuBs2JftCgPO9sdDEZe5VG5QUS35mk https://drive.google.com/open?id=1C2zjZ7YJhFsYZncI-M-ALdyhSsM_twWx https://drive.google.com/open?id=1jB6bWXsTS8UQ1VWg5lgnPbPYnfSlej8r https://drive.google.com/open?id=1dsRDslqKdlhuj23hZF28FCQu5z9R2H4n
  11. Eddiegames

    War of the Worlds (Themed Assists tournament)

    CoD assist is fine, you just lose the ability to assist punish in most cases For combos she's perfectly functional, and in fact one of the easier characters to knockback cancel with And since she punishes dodge, in smaller spaces she pairs well with Comet
  12. Eddiegames

    War of the Worlds (Themed Assists tournament)

    Also without extensive labbing the optimal assist choices (imo) for those with 2 options are as follows; Light/WoL, WoL/Light, Garland/WoL Cecil/Kain, Kain/Golbez, Golbez/Cecil Bartz/Gilgamesh, Exdeath/Bartz (or Gilga, it's stage dependant) or CotW, Gilgamesh/Bartz Cloud/Seph, Tifa/Seph, Seph/Cloud Squall/Ulti, Laguna/Cry I guess, Ulti/CotW Tidus/Jecht, Yuna/Tidus, Jecht/Tidus
  13. Eddiegames

    War of the Worlds (Themed Assists tournament)

    Here's a compilation of combos for Garland for this tournament; https://drive.google.com/open?id=1NAHa71tqzKkP5tYpYSg8TmzYmPSnSaYU https://drive.google.com/open?id=1r1zcR-3mh-wk1M4i8xtU3UkoaHwwUJJQ https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Sm6qySA1338lxq5iQh3mpfJmDS7joimd https://drive.google.com/open?id=1JEjBz3-LPLCRc1VC11Ex4rHr9_wxDz9H https://drive.google.com/open?id=1d7EGKzdzle-Ly-OfMOJiRgyydf6YUw1B https://drive.google.com/open?id=1WiVNOd-JjsHXRl10F3ZNXQ04tzV_BD9D https://drive.google.com/open?id=16idVd3LQtPH-NUTBR3AaXG6jWOGXD0S9
  14. Eddiegames

    War of the Worlds (Themed Assists tournament)

    Also for character nerf method, one method is a madatory equip of Close to You (Always absorb EX, -30% Assist Charge)/Glimmering Crystal (+15% EX Core Absorb, -15% Assist Charge)/Attractorb (+1m EX Range, -20% Assist Charge, Basic)/Pearl Necklace (+10% EX Force Absorb, -20% Assist Charge, Basic) (Leaning towards the first 2) As for character buff, it's a bit more tricky, the easy method is just to allow Terra, Shanty, Vaan and Laguna (Potentially More) to equip any assist of their choosing (potentially disallowing use of the top tier ones). However it doesnt exactly fit in with the tournament theme so I dunno.
  15. Eddiegames

    War of the Worlds (Themed Assists tournament)

    Well on the topic of stages, the reason I find them questionable is the the stages have qualities that very strongly affect certain characters and their effectiveness to an extreme degree, especially Kefka's Tower. And I disagree with the idea that they help out low tiers, they help a variety of characters as well as hurting a variety as well, but some of the characters near the top like Seph and Ulti can take strong advantage of these, to an effect greater than some of the others. With Crystal Tower it's a similar thing, Kefka, Ulti, and a couple others can take strong advantage of the stage being easy to run away on. It's also a slight EX counter, but that's less of an issue. I'm fine with the stage just concerned.

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