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  1. Eddiegames

    My own Tournament Custom Set Save

    Actually given some thought, the /SYSTEM file in the tournament save is perfectly fine, so there's no real need to overwrite that folder, so I would recommend you just copy and overwrite the /SAVEDATA folder only
  2. Eddiegames

    Dissidence V5

    So I saw this and thought it was really cool, so I looked at it and made my own ruleset based on this, with a lot more customization flexibility. Changes include; - Warp Damage 50% (100) (This one's just kind of a personal thing) - Critical Hit Rate 100% (0) - Critical Damage 50% (100) (This was because I felt that Blocking should still have a risk/reward dynamic, because as is blocking gets you a free hit, but the risk still isnt really worth the payoff) (cont. at Extra Abilities) - Assist Guage Charge (Attack) 80% (100) - Assist Guage Charge (Hit) 320% (400) (These were both just to account for the Attractorb debuff without directly requiring that it be equipped) Equipment: - Unbanned everything, on the fence about banning Lufenia, get back to that after some testing. Accesories: - Other than standard bans (Bonecrusher, breakables), everything is unbanned, got my eyes on Side by Side, but I'm also hesitant about banning since so many characters rely on it due to bad EX. Abilities: - All are unbanned except; - Precision Evasion (Because it's incredibly dumb) - All the Critical Related abilities except; Cat Nip, Back to the Wall, Gambler's Spirit, and Anti-EX - All the Disable Abilities - And EXP to HP, any of the other 3 are fine - On the fence with Bravery Regen, we'll see if Regen gets out of hand. And that's it! This hopes to retain the intent of placing greater reward on offensive strategy, and hit confirms, while adding a bit of a larger risk/reward dynamic, a greater comeback mechanic, and a greater deal of flexibility! Hopefully after some testing it can be ironed out and further improved, and I hope everyone enjoys playing it!
  3. I made my own save with at least one custom set for each character, and a glossary of all the custom sets on the save worth using, originally made for my discord, thought it might be helpful for anybody who's new to the game and wanted better custom sets then the ones that are in the tourney pack by default. https://drive.google.com/open?id=14bUg4nUnN2WcwNxyUHS4WPjL7-cLI1fW This is an older save, but it has a music mod playlist of various SE related songs for anyone that's interested. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1NbBfumydcccU3A91aA-FL22yy0JtCOzq
  4. Eddiegames

    Anyone have a Edge of Madness Model?

    I've been looking into making a simple texture mod for Edge of Madness, but I can't find an exported stage model, so I thought I'd ask if anyone had one. And also I wanted ask about applying stage mods in general, I know how to import character and music mods, but not stage mods.
  5. I thought I would create a topic for people to post combo vids, either of replays, or just vids that have been found lying around. Thought I would start off by posting all the ones by ゆっくり012 that I can find.
  6. Eddiegames

    Looking for MP3 to AT3 Converter

    I realize I never gave the answer, 128 Bit Rate was the highest that worked for me
  7. Eddiegames

    DDFF Tournament 2

    I'll participate GMT -5
  8. Eddiegames

    Looking for MP3 to AT3 Converter

    welp time for process of elimination
  9. Eddiegames

    Looking for MP3 to AT3 Converter

    ok, uh, which one?
  10. Eddiegames

    Looking for MP3 to AT3 Converter

    I'm afraid it didn't work, do you have to convert it at a specific Bit Rate to get sound?
  11. Eddiegames

    Looking for MP3 to AT3 Converter

    I want to make my own music playlist, but the only MP3 > AT3 converter I could find didn't work, and I couldn't get Goldwave to work either. If anyone has a functioning converter program, could you please link it to me? It would be greatly appreciated.

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