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  1. Dz_

    Rise and Fall - Brackets and Results

    LBR7 Dart (Prishe) vs Emden (Prishe) ~ SFB = Dart 1-0 Dart (Prishe) vs Emden (Prishe) ~ KT = Dart 2-0 LBR8 Dart (Cloud) vs Wheelz (Cloud) ~ Top = Dart 1-0 Dart (Tidus) vs Wheelz (Cloud) ~ EoM = Dart 2-0 Dart (Cloud) vs Wheelz (Tidus) ~ OS = Dart 3-0
  2. Dz_

    Rise and Fall - Brackets and Results

    WBR2 Dart (Kuja) vs. Most (Garland) ~ Orphans Cradle = Dart Dart (Kuja) vs. Most (Garland) ~ Dreams End = Dart Dart 2-0
  3. Dz_

    Rise and Fall - Brackets and Results

    WB Round 1 Dart (Gilgamesh) vs. Anbu (Squall) ~WoD= Dart Dart (Gilgamesh) vs. Anbu (Cloud) ~LS= Dart Dart 2-0
  4. We'll see if Jecht deserves to considered top tier after this major... Oh wait, quack @Muggshotter
  5. Dz_

    Rise and Fall - Sign Ups are closed

    BB | Dart Dz GMT -6
  6. Link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1HrwpENrpOXUAxNJYG1jV1s-oGfZ5EdNTzvNgt2vCLyU/edit?usp=sharing The list is made up of MU values as half the weight, the other half from professional opinion. MU values are made up of frame data and recent tournament placement. Professional opinion is made up of player skill, the meta, and recent representation. Credits to HYNE for all the beautiful graphic work. BashBros involved in updating the tier list include Ehx, Yunoa, Wheelz, JT, Blakklite and myself.
  7. Dz_

    Duck Dynasty Conclusion & Thanks

    Suuuuper late on the response but I wanted to thank everybody who joined and congratulate Muggs on first place. Getting that top spot is no easy task my friend, well done. Exceptional play from Wheelz and Mogstache as well.
  8. Dz_

    Duck Dynasty Bracket & Results

    LBR6 Dz (Cloud) vs Copolla (Squall) ~ SFB = Dz Dz (Kuja) vs Copolla (Zidane) ~ Top = Copolla Dz (Cloud) vs Copolla (Zidane) ~ LS = Copolla Dz (Cloud) vs Copolla (Squall) ~ DE = Copolla Copolla 3-1
  9. Dz_

    Duck Dynasty Bracket & Results

    LB R3 Dz (Kuja) vs Djqubi (Sephiroth) ~ LS = Dz Dz (Kuja) vs Djqubi (WoL) ~ Top Floor = Dz
  10. Dz_

    Duck Dynasty Bracket & Results

    LB R2 Dz (Kuja) vs END (Ultimecia) ~ LS = Dz Dz (Kuja) vs END (Ultimecia) ~LS = Dz DZ 2-0
  11. Dz_

    Duck Dynasty ~ Sign ups

    Duck Dynasty Hosted by: @DZ_ @Wheelz @xffixbmlx & Yunoa Sign ups close on: 1/15/2017 Prizes: $50 donated by @xffixbmlx and @Wheelz via PayPal Ruleset Official Dave's Stupid Rule ( The most common variation of Dave's Stupid Rule is that a player cannot pick a stage they have won on during the set in question. Therefore, under this variation, the losing player would be free to pick the same stage he lost on for the second game, having previously lost on such a stage. Should that player win that time, however, they can no longer pick the stage for future matches in the set. ) Feral Chaos BANNED Rebellious Soul BANNED Omega Stages BANNED The Rift & Phantom Train BANNED Infinites BANNED (Beat Fang > BF > BF for example) Hacked Items BANNED Breakables BANNED 1-hit Chase ONLY Counter Summons ONLY (mandatory equip) Signups Upon signing up you MUST post your 3 character roster Cannot change your roster once the tournament starts You will be locked in with your roster for the entire tournament Winners Bracket rounds 1-3 will be best of 3, WBR4 onward best of 5 Losers Bracket rounds 1-5 will be best of 3 and LBR6 onward best of 5 Stage Striking Coin flip will be done by a Tournament Organizer; the winner then chooses to strike first or pick out of the two remaining stages. Match 1 stages are: Empyreal Paradox, Lunar Subterrane, Sky Fortress Bahamut Match 2 any stage besides The Rift & Phantom Train & all omega variants Counterpicking Round 1 agree to a matchup or blind pick Round 2 losing player bans 1 character from the opponent's roster and picks the next stage Round 2 winning player then announces their character Round 2 losing player then picks their character Character bans do not carry over between rounds No limit on character use (you can use the same character the entire set unless the opponent bans that character) Scheduling Monday–Sunday (WBR1) ...And so on Extensions will be granted on reasonable request Tournament organizers @DZ_ (Dart) @xffixbmlx (Ehx) @Wheelz Replays Uploaded on the BashBros YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/DART4201 Sign up Guide Name: Timezone: Personal message @HYNE your 3-character roster upon signing up. Everyone's roster will be revealed after signups close. Brackets WILL NOT BE PREDETERMINED Every tournament from the history of the game will count towards your seed Ehx will provide the points system used on bracket release #makeseedinggreatagain Tournament starts 1/15/2017
  12. Dz_

    Genesis - Bracket, Discussion, Results

    LB R5 Dart (Tidus) vs. Copolla (Squall) ~ SFB = Tidus Dart (Tidus) vs. Copolla (Firion) ~ LS = Firion Dart (Cloud) vs. Copolla (Squall) ~ PC = Cloud Dart (Zidane) vs Copolla (Firion) ~ WoD = Zidane Winner = Dart 3-1
  13. Dz_

    Genesis - Bracket, Discussion, Results

    WBR2 Dart (Gilgamesh) vs Keriku (Squall) ~ WoD = Dart Dart (Gilgamesh) vs Keriku (Firion) ~ WoD = Dart Dart (Tidus) vs Keriku (Golbez) ~ TF = Keriku Dart (Tidus) vs Keriku (Firion) ~ CW = Dart (3-1)

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