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  1. Blue Reunion

    Your Best Characters and Why

    I'm pretty good with lighting, I like using her the most in ravager mode, sometimes it allows me to confuse the enemy if I'm fast enough using moves, though I doubt my switch up ability would be easy to keep track when dueling actual human players. That's where Squall comes in.
  2. Blue Reunion

    Dyxo's custom Dissidia movesets

    That sounds like a good ability to keep a player on edge I'm surprised there aren't any summons that would do that.
  3. Blue Reunion

    Mod to use alt outfits in story mode.

    If you mean like in story mode, sadly no all of the models were fixed to only use their default outfits. Like in the cutscenes and story mode in general which sucks because that means all if that has to be modded for each character. Though I wish they made it where you could just change your outfits during story mode too.
  4. Blue Reunion

    In case your wondering...

    Yeah Im starting to see it too a little bit, and yeah it's hard to explain that kind of stuff to people but some of the simplest questions get ignored around here. Modding request are pretty ignored, hell I left a link in my model request and a picture too, I can understand if people don't want to take requests but what got me is people would rather download the model for themselves than for any ones request. Using mediafire it told me the model I provided was downloaded at least 25 to 30 times, but out of all those times no one wanted to take a request from me, they just wanted the model. Yeah I get that people don't want to be bothered, we can't ask for request, we can't ask for tips and tricks or any kind or type of information I mean it's pretty hard to not want to ask after being hyped up about the fact of changing some the cool stuff about your favorite game to even cooler stuff but really this sites only for people who can do it themselves. It was my mistake that I thought the community was a bit different and less toxic, guess not. But the people who mod I guess only expects only modders to join this community which is fine but at the same time what's the point in joining if you can't mod? No one talks to you here about anything, nearly no one cares if your interested or not, half the time there not interested unless you've got a new program or mod for them. Most only come here to release mods from the old Dissidia forums to pretend there helping or fishing for praise when in the end it's all just a for attention or some kind of inner circle of some sorts. I heard there's a discord for this site but if the discords anything like how the site is what's the point or immediate rush? And yeah maybe we should learn to mod and do it ourselves but in the end, what does it matter, we're just going to use the technique to show boat which is why most of this is how it is now. People want to learn how to mod from the people who are good at it but the people who are good at it, dont want to waste any of there time teaching or doing request, but they have all the time show off their fancy creations to those who can't for whatever reason, I guess to be cool or something, which causes people to want to learn and ask, figure out how And thus an endless cycle that will repeat forever because modders gotta mod and show it all off, instead of that if people are tired of others asking how to do it or for request, sadly all I can say is ether stop showing off your skills for attention or expect people to continue to ask and just say no afterwards. In actuality there's no real point to this or this site anyway, if anything your better off just not coming I can't say Magemasher is wrong because he isn't some of the people here are toxic but I can't say Sky is wrong ether, their both right. To be honest I thought people came here for the mods but I guess I could be right or wrong too. Also sorry if my English is bit strange it's not my first language. ~Aegis
  5. Blue Reunion

    Your Dissidia biography (aka the introduction thread)

    Hello everyone. I normally went back to playing dissidia 012 awhile back. I had an old dissidia fourms account but it sort of got lost when everything disappeared. So now I'm here, anyway nice to meet you all.

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