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  1. Harambe

    Understanding the Theory and Flow of Battle (PvP)

    "The general concept of battle is that you, as a competent competitor, and your opponent, as another competent competitor, know everything about each others tools." Not true; dissidia has always been about evolving a meta, at least from early on. (Example: Funky's Kefka) A gimmick is sometimes used so seldom that others might not have match up experience for it either. There are also external factors; Environment and Internal variables can tweek a match. >Live tournament crowds >Lag on net play >System variables (PS vs Sega for MvC2 for instance) >Sleep deprived >Poor health etc
  2. Harambe

    DDFF Ladder Idea

    >>Dissidia >>Elo https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elo_rating_system#Selective_pairing This is just the tip; there's also an issue of population density and skill variance. Elo will purely be a flex stat for those that play often and won't be an accurate stat for skill level if used in this type of ladder environment. That said; if you're planning to use the chess variant with K factor you will need to factor in low population density (K being used to help newer players rate into league with the veterans).
  3. Been playing since 08, how many people even play anymore?

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