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  1. Jon Gruden and the Oakland Raiders burned through the midnight oil to find a way to trade their best player and former Defensive Player of Year Authentic Bradley Chubb Jersey , Khalil Mack. The suitor is none other than the Chicago Bears. The same team who traded two first round picks to the Denver Broncos for Jay Cutler in 2009. Although, unlike that deal for Cutler, this is a trade that will likely pay off in aces for Chicago.Though an agreement is now in place http://www.denverbroncosteamonline.com/jared-veldheer-jersey , but sides are working on finalizing the deal to send the former fifth-overall pick to the Bears.Mack, 27, is in the prime of his NFL playing career. He has 40.5 career sacks since coming into the league in 2014 and figures to break the record contract Aaron Donald of the Los Angeles Rams just landed.More details to follow when this deal is finalizes and the Raiders take another big step towards gutting their roster Josh McDaniels style.Broncos vs Seahawks: No Bull Answers In case you missed it last week http://www.denverbroncosteamonline.com/brandon-mcmanus-jersey , I posed some questions that I was specifically looking at going into this game. Let’s run down the list and see what insights we got about this team from week 1:Is Case Keenum a real step forward for our offense?Answer:No Bronco fan was thrilled with the 3 picks. That’s the kind of stuff that will lose you a game.But it is early in the season with a new team and the whole team is running a new offense in its 1st year under a new offensive coordinator.What I saw from Keenum that makes me answer this question with a solid “Yes,” is the confidence and competence with which he went about his business.Much of his passing was accurate. He answered the call for every moment that started looking bad (including the moments he largely created). The leadership alone we saw from Keenum is a huge step forward for this team and offense. Any of the scrub real estate salesmen masquerading as NFL players we had last year in this game would have folded like a cheap lawn chair while the Seahawks rolled us by double digits.Is Bradley Roby able to hold it down on the outside?Answer:Nope.Bradley Roby had a stinker of a game. His tackling was a sack full of weak sauce. His coverage was at times decent below the waist, but Brandon Marshall scored a TD on him where he was in position to knock the ball away. I am not encouraged much at all by what we saw in week 1 from our #2 cornerback.Adam Jones may end up taking his spot if this is the level of play Roby brings in his contract season.Does Bill Musgrave have a rabbit in his hat?Answer:He’s got a colony of rabbits in his hat. I can’t remember the last time I was watching a Bronco game and caught off guard so many times by what the offense did. He used a ton of personnel (big plus in my books) http://www.denverbroncosteamonline.com/darian-stewart-jersey , he mixed up formations, and he designed great deception plays to scheme players open in positive match-ups. Also, I loved the ebb and flow of the game and how he adjusted his play calling.We ran a bunch of shorter routes to keep the chains moving against the opponent’s cover-3 scheme. Seattle switched to some cover-4 looks and he countered with flooding areas with more routes than they had players. Late in the game with a lead we brought out some real old-school mano a mano smash mouth running to run the clock off. Bill Musgrave is a big reason that we won the game and why the Broncos offense looks like it could be a legit worry for their NFL opponents in the coming weeks.Can our ILBs play at a higher level than last year?Answer:Yes they can. Both Brandon Marshall and Todd Davis were flying all over the field making plays against both the run and the pass. Leading up to the season I’d mentioned that I thought the ILB talent on the Broncos was a weakness and boy was I wrong. I’m excited to see Davis and Marshall bring it next week!Your turn!What questions did you get answered in this game and what did you take away?If you posted questions in the comments last week www.denverbroncosteamonline.com , hop over and copy and paste them here with your takes. Let’s keep the discussion going on the best place for Broncos Country to talk football on the Internet here at milehighreport.com!
  2. we need to address My immediate thought after Seattle Seahawk’s 27-24 defeat to the Denver Broncos was that Russell Wilson had a bad game. This was despite his passer rating of 92.7 Chris Carson Jersey , his 9 yards per attempt and his three touchdowns. I felt everything he hit was one- or first-read, that he couldn’t operate well within a structure and that he sacked himself.When watching the All-22—a football nerd’s enlightenment—my initial takeaways were confirmed. I had a Han Solo in The Force Awakens moment:I feel comic relief is necessary, because writing that Wilson has negatives in his game is a ‘Seahawks sin.’ Criticizing Wilson is controversial among fans. Pete Carroll didn’t have to answer a single Wilson question last Sunday. And critiquing Wilson is something that isn’t even done by the coaches themselves—if you believe some disgruntled ex-Seahawks. Indeed, the appointment of Brian Schottenheimer came with a strong message from Carroll. He wanted Schottenheimer to hold Wilson far more accountable. Carroll himself criticized his quarterback on his Monday 710 ESPN radio show:Admittedly, Wilson was sluggish in the opening games of 2017 and 2016. In that pair of showings, he combined for 72-111, 667 yards, two touchdowns, two interceptions and a 79.67 passer rating. But these bad habits and traits I speak of were on display all of last year. Wilson’s career-best statistics in near-impossible conditions should not blind us from the actual performances he put on tape. In actuality, it can be argued that 2017 was Wilson’s worst as a pro from a technique and process standpoint. He carried his team remarkably, in a situation where no other quarterback could. Nonetheless, the terrible pass protection saw him add deeply disturbing aspects to his game, such as a scrambled internal clock and bizarre decisions. He was fortunate not to have 20+ interceptions last season. This Denver game has me worrying that those issues remain—behind what is better protection and within a refreshed scheme. For this reason, I think these signs are more than early season cobwebs. On a more macro level, it also raises some reasonable questions about how Wilson will fare as a signal-caller as he continues to age. Reading DefensesOf Wilson’s 19 completions against the Broncos, 12 of the passes were either a one-read play or a first-read. A one-read play would be stuff like a bubble screen or a running back slip screen. His first-read plays were things like the big play-action targets to Will Dissly or the backshoulder versus off-man coverage to Brandon Marshall. Beautifully placed throws, sure, but not the result of advanced processing.Three of the remaining seven completed tosses were checkdowns. That leaves just four plays where Wilson made multiple reads to move the ball downfield. You can point towards successful game-planning as a reason for the large proportion of the first-read or one-read passes. That’s fair. Nevertheless Cheap Russell Wilson Jersey , Wilson is a quarterback who has two processing issues. One is reading zone defense. The other is locking on to his first read and taking too long to move on to his second. This is particularly common when he is looking to go deep against man coverage.On this 3rd and 7, Wilson fools for the disguised cover 2. He thinks the Broncos are bringing the house, so tries to throw to Marshall hot. The pre-snap process is understandable. However, following through with the decision is not. This pre-determination features a dreadful, floating pass that he lobs off his backfoot. At no point does he register the dropping underneath defender, instead trying to look off a non-existent single-high safety for what he thinks is a cover 1 heavy blitz. Wilson’s lack of awareness extends to his pre-snap cadence too. He is fake hiking as Justin Britt is adjusting the protection. To a defense, that is nowhere close to believable trickery. This tweet of Britt talking cadence with Wilson interested me:On another third down, this time third and three earlier later in the first, Wilson showed a lack of anticipation. This may stem from a slowness in processing against zone. He knows the boundary side coverage is zone from Tyler Lockett’s pre-snap motion being unfollowed by the defense.Yet, after correctly choosing not to throw to Dissly’s drag route over the middle, Wilson delays a crucial extra moment trying to make sure the hook zone of the linebacker isn’t robbing the quick out route. With better anticipation/faster processing, Wilson chooses this open pass faster and it isn’t tipped at the line of scrimmage. As it was, he hesitated, allowing defensive tackle Adam Gotsis to get hands to the pass. The outcome is a missed opportunity via an incompletion.The next play is an example of Wilson’s issues with locking on versus man. It’s the first snap of the Seahawks’ 2018 offense. They’ll have spoken about setting the tone, doing things as they mean to go on and executing as a unit.And then Wilson’s slow processing saw him get sacked. Seattle’s play-action scissors concept involves a seven-man protection with a full slide to the left—in order to sell the run design and buy Wilson time. Denver runs cover 1—which scissors eats for breakfast, lunch and dinner. What the protection scheme doesn’t account for is the Broncos sending their nearside corner after no receiver enters his vicinity. That means the corner is unblocked and heading for Wilson.Still, Wilson should still make this play. With a clear passing lane for either route, he gets caught staring down the inside-to-outside route of slot receiver Tyler Lockett. It’s like he is willing that option open. As soon as Wilson sees the clear man coverage and the deep safety drive over the top of Lockett’s route http://www.seahawkscheapshops.com/cheap-authentic-frank-clark-jersey , he should switch to the open over route of outside receiver Doug Baldwin. After all it’s how the two-route concept is designed.Wilson doesn’t get close to this outcome. Rather than progressing or even keeping his eyes downfield, his eyes duck to the rush and the Seahawks offense gets off to a terrible start to the season. It should have been a great beginning.Playing in StructureWilson is at his best working outside a play’s structure and extending it. But, as will be covered in more detail, his favored backside escape style is exploited by defensive coordinators and he doesn’t have the speed to consistently outrun EDGEs anymore.In Week 1, the structure of one-read play-action plays really helped him, but he struggled on non-play-action dropbacks. He has had difficulty with operating consistently in structure throughout his career. The Seahawks have been trying to develop Wilson as more of a pocket passer who operates in a structure for some time. The partial remit of Schottenheimer will be to hone more of these skills. Although at 30-years-old, maybe this is just who Wilson is. How much can a quarterback really learn at this age?Right after that disappointing sack on the play-action scissors, Schottenheimer attempted to get the offense back to a rhythm with a quick passing concept. It’s effectively a switch spot concept, a simple hi-lo designed to separate against man or zone for fast yardage.Denver runs a cover 1 press pass defense, with a switch in man coverage to negate the rub that the Seahawks were planning in their route concept. Wilson, after looking left and registering the man defense, has his first read, the quick hitch to Baldwin, taken away.That shouldn’t be an issue though. After all, it’s a hi-lo concept. He just needs to progress to Will Dissly’s deeper hitch and hit it for a nice gain. Dissly has all the leverage for the inside throw.This is where things get concerning. Wilson barely glances at the open target, and then senses ghost pressure. The protection is perfect for the quick passing concept. Wilson has a clear lane to see and find Dissly. The ball should be out sharp. That’s not the case here. Wilson’s ‘feel’ of the supposed pressure sees him scramble backwards and then right in an attempt to extend the play, rather than staying within the structure. His clock is frazzled more than the bacon I had this morning and his reads are broken; on the second play of 2018! The eventual throw to Dissly falls incomplete.In Part II, I’ll go over Wilson’s mechanics Cheap Will Dissly Jersey , Wilson against the blitz, and his pocket awareness.Read Part II Here!Update: Jamarco Jones’ x-rays are negative, has ‘legit’ ankle sprain per Pete Carroll After losing right tackle Isaiah Battle to a knee injury earlier in the game, the Seattle Seahawks went down two tackles mid-way through the fourth quarter on Thursday night.Rookie Jamarco Jones was carted off the field after being rolled up on. Lining up at left tackle with George Fant still limited, two players fell into Jones as Alex McGough maneuvered the pocket. After the play, Jones was seen grimacing in pain and holding the back of his left ankle. The cart was brought out for a dejected Jones, as his fellow Seahawks linemen came over to him from the field and sidelines. Later on in the fourth quarter, Seattle updated Jones’ status as questionable to return with a lower leg injury. The questionable designation was an encouraging sign for the severity of the injury, although Jones was held out as a precautionary measure. Jones was a left tackle throughout his career at Ohio State, however he was expected to compete at right tackle with Germain Ifedi still struggling with penalties. With the Seahawks losing both Battle and Jones in preseason Week 1, Willie Beavers is expected to take on the bulk of the backup snaps behind Ifedi.Expect further updates on Jones’ status over the next couple days, as Seattle is off until Sunday. Update: Pete Carroll was asked about both Battle and Jones’ injuries in his press conference on Thursday night, saying Battle has a sprained knee that isn’t severe. Jones’ x-rays came back negative, however he has a ‘legit’ ankle sprain.
  3. Dylan Donahue is the next Jet in our roster countdown.Name: Dylan DonahueNumber: 49Year with Jets: 2ndProjected Role: Backup edge player and special teamerHis 2017: Donahue got some early buzz and work with the first team defense in offseason practices. He ended up fading Womens Kelvin Beachum Jersey , however, and had a rookie season that was both quiet and short. He tore ligaments in an elbow in an early season game, which ended his rookie campaign after recording only 5 tackles.The biggest news about Donahue unfortunately came due to an offseason arrest on drunk driving charges and the revelation he was also arrested last year on similar charges. Donahue spent a month in rehab during the offseason.2018 will be a success if: Donahue first of all has been able to put his life back together. That is the most important thing. On the field, it would relate to him developing into a contributor as a pass rusher and special teamer.Odds of making the roster: I have no idea the extent to which Donahue’s off field situation will play into the team’s decision-making. On the field www.newyorkjetsteamonline.com , there is a clear opening and need at edge rusher. Donahue could play his way into a role, but an unestablished second year fifth round pick is never a lock. He would be a likely practice squad candidate if he fails to make the final 53, but for now I would call him More Likely Than Not (50-75%).Jets 2018 Roster Countdown: Number 47 David Bass Our Jets roster countdown now looks to David Bass.Name: David BassNumber: 47Year with Jets: 2ndProjected Role: Situational pass rusherHis 2017: The Seahawks released Bass early in the season, and the Jets signed him prior to their Week 3 game against the Dolphins. Bass promptly registered sacks in his first two games in the green and white but only picked up 1.5 more over the final 11 games of the season. He remained unsigned through much of the offseason. The Jets finally re-signed him after not selecting an edge rusher in the NFL Draft.2018 will be a success if: Bass plays at a much higher level than he has in the rest of his career. He only has 9 career sacks despite being in the league since 2013. For some reason players like like this tend to get the “solid veteran” label even though only the veteran part is accurate.Odds of making the roster: The fact the Jets left him unsigned for so long means he isn’t totally safe New York Jets T-Shirt , but I think the coaching staff’s familiarity with him makes Bass More Likely Than Not (50-75%).
  4. http://www.authenticsjacksonvillejaguars.com/cheap-brandon-linder-jerseySo here we are, closing in on 48 hours since the Jaguars turned a metaphorical corner. No longer can we see the 8-8 years of Jack Del Rio. The smell of the Gus Bradley era is barely noticeable. Beating the New England Patriots was an important step in showing this team is good, as opposed to speculating on that belief.And it means very little in the grand scheme of things.The fans might want to stay on the mountain top a bit longer, but for the players it is time to move on.The league is littered with memories of teams who could not finish their meals. For example, ask the 2003 Minnesota Vikings or the 2009 Denver Broncos. Both of these teams started their aforementioned season 6-0, only to miss the playoffs with 9-7 and 8-8 records respectively.This Jaguars team does not appear to be falling for early season hype. The head coach will not let them.In his post-game speech, Doug Marrone was very clear what this game meant, and who this team is. They are team that needs to focus. They are not a team concerned with “statement games”. He fully expects to see the Patriots down the road, and whether this was a win or a loss for the Jaguars it is just the second game of the season. This Jaguars team has a year of experience under their belt, and those who did not get a glimpse of the promised land last year are buying into the culture that is being built.Doug closed with telling the players to enjoy the win, but to prepare themselves to correct mistakes and get ready for a divisional opponent.Some brief mumblings.Mumble 1I am tired of the “ignorant South” framing from folks up North, especially from a city like Boston. Here is what Chad Finn of the Boston Globe had to say about TIAA Bank stadium, and the Jaguars fans in it, after a Patriots score in the 2nd half.For those of you not familiar with this reference, “The Hills Have Eyes” is a movie set in Nevada where a family comes across a family of cannibalistic mutants.Even our beloved New Englander Rick Ballou knows those journalists up there are petty and annoying.You can reach Chad on twitter.But before you say anything mean to him http://www.authenticsjacksonvillejaguars.com/cheap-tashaun-gipson-jersey , he also thinks we looked like a Super Bowl team. As much as ignorant southerners can think.Mumble 2Dakota Randall, writing for NESN (New England Sports Network), gives us this gem.Dakota title the article “Jaguars Talked A Bunch Of Trash After Beating Patriots — In September”, leveraging a variety of quotes from Jaguars player who expressed noting more than confidence in light of the victory.The framing of how the Jaguars responded to winning as something akin to “winning the Super Bowl” is such sour grapes. It is the idea that no one other than one’s own team can celebrate, or possibly that the very act of celebrating discloses someone who lacks character or virtue.It is actually a compliment to your team, Dakota, that it means that much to us.Mumble 3If you are wondering why this “winning the Super Bowl” thing has any legs, here is a quote from Tashaun Gipson. Feel free to NOT take it out of context.Mumble 4Dear first-half Donte Moncrief, I am sorry for all the bad things I said about you.Dear second-half Donte Moncrief, I take it back.Mumble 5I love what Doug Marrone said about how he goes about challenging calls on the field. To paraphrase, Doug refuses to offer up names because he does not want them to face any grief if the challenge fails, and if it succeeds he wants to take all the credit.We are so damn lucky to have move on from “We are all getting better!” to “No one is a backup. I expect everyone to step in and start when called on.”Oh, and Doug, I am so, so sorry for all the mean things I said about you when you challenged that call.Mumble 6If you put a gun to my head and asked me what the top three plays of the game were http://www.authenticsjacksonvillejaguars.com/cheap-malik-jackson-jersey , here you go, in descending order3. Dante Fowler strip and recovery.2. Corey Grant does not block in the back on the Dede Westbrook fourth quarter touchdown....and the winner...Doug Marrone challenges the spot. My game changer. If he does not get that, my gut tells me the momentum shift and the “here we go again” feeling would have enveloped us.Not being at the game, very curious what those who did go think about what the mood in the stadium would have been had it not been reversed.Mumble 7Last mumble (as I drool into my spit cup).I hate the Titans. I am not over 1999. I will never be over 1999 until the Jaguars win a Super Bowl. I can stomach losing to the Patriots. They are a dynasty. They have Brady. Do I believe they were the better team last year? No, but I get how the young upstarts, and their coaching staff, might have balked on the big stage. It is not unlike 1996.But 1999 was ours, and we blew it.Beating New England was nice, but damn it I want to sweep the Titans. It is that important.And for the love of Zeus, can we not lose to Blaine Gabbert. AGAIN!=====================================================I am not doing a post-game music post (it obviously was a bad idea). Instead, I will add it here. Some Nine Inch Nails for you.Jalen Ramsey on covering Tyreek Hill: ‘It’s not a wide receiver versus corner matchup’ Jalen Ramsey is a gift.The Jacksonville Jaguars are a few days away from going up against the AFC’s best team in the Kansas City Chiefs. Much has been made of the marquee matchups we’ll get to see on Sunday, including Jalen Ramsey vs. Tyreek Hill — our best cornerback against their best receiver.After Tyreek had some things to say about Jalen on Wednesday, it was Jalen’s turn to return the favor.Here are Jalen’s answers to questions about Tyreek from today’s press conference.On looking forward to Sunday’s matchup “I’m looking forward to playing the game. I am looking to playing their offense. I am looking forward to seeing their defense against our offense. I don’t like how whoever has made it a matchup — me against Tyreek. He’s good for what he does for their team. He made All-Pro as a return specialist. Let’s get that right — as a return specialist, his rookie year. He went to two Pro Bowls as a return specialist. A return specialist, two years. I made All-Pro in my position as a corner. I went to the Pro Bowl as a corner. It’s not a wide receiver versus a corner matchup. We can get that out of the way off bat. But http://www.authenticsjacksonvillejaguars.com/cheap-jermey-parnell-jersey , you know, I feel like it was strategic. A smart move by him. He is going to get some clout. He is going to get the buzz going around there for a little bit. But he knows. Just like I feel like everybody knows. Me and Tyreek [Hill], we are probably going to have some opportunities to match up against each other, but it won’t be like that for the majority of the game. He moves around everywhere. He plays running back, receiver, slot 鈥?He’s not out there on that island 90 percent of the time where I’m at. I don’t look at it as me versus him. I don’t think this is really a matchup game to be honest with you.”On Tyreek saying Jalen was a good player“I just wished he would have picked a side. Either, ‘I’m just alright’ or ‘I’m the top dog.’ Pick a side. If I’m the top dog, but I’m just alright, that means he doesn’t think that any corner in the league is good and that is not true. What do you want to know? What is the actual question?”On Tyreek saying he hopes Jalen presses him“If you look at my film, what do I do every day every week? I play press, right? No matter what, who I’m playing. If he wants smoke, it will get there.”
  5. Good morning New York Jets Hats , Gang Green Gangsters! Here are your daily New York Jets links for this Sunday...NJ.com – How Quincy Enunwa is building trust with Jets’ QBs after return from injury.NY Post – Teddy Bridgewater is presenting the Jets with a nice dilemma.Jet Nation – Injured Players Return; #JetsCamp Report 8/18.NY Post – Jets offensive line needs ‘sense of urgency’ after ragged effort.Associated Press – Jets Darnold one of most impressive rookies McCown has seen.Elite Sports NY – New York Jets QB Teddy Bridgewater doesn’t bite on trade talk bait.NFL – What does Jordan Jenkins think of the Jets OLB unit.The Jet Press – Terrelle Pryor will not make the Jets final roster.Jet Nation – Lee take heat from former Jet Bart Scott.Jets Wire – Quietly, Jets TE Clive Walford has earned a roster spot.Enjoy Your Sunday!MNF: Saints vs Redskins Game Thread Monday Night Football, Week 5. Tonight the Washington Redskins travel to the Big Easy to take on the New Orleans Saints in a matchup of first place teams.The 2-1 Redskins surprisingly reside in first place in the NFC East, coming off a bye week following a big win against the Green Bay Packers. The Redskins defense has been stout, allowing no more than 21 points and no more than 102 rushing yards to any opponent this season. The Redskins have been hit hard by the injury bug, with 11 players on injured reserve, two more out for this game New York Jets Hoodie , and five others listed as questionable. The Saints provide a formidable challenge for any team at home. Future Hall of Fame quarterback Drew Brees thrives in the Superdome, and the Saints offense is a juggernaut, averaging 34.3 points per game. Wide receiver Michael Thomas is having a monster year, with an astonishing 42 receptions on just 44 targets. The Saints defense has been spotty, having already given up 37 or more points to two of their first four opponents. It’s the Redskins and the Saints in a battle of two NFC first place teams looking to stay on top in their respective divisions on Monday Night Football.Enjoy the game everybody.
  6. When Akeem King was promoted to the Seattle Seahawks 53-man roster ahead of last Sunday’s Week 1 loss to the Denver Broncos Cheap Jarran Reed Jersey , it left a vacant spot on the 10-man practice squad. It looks like that void has been filled.Aaron Wilson reported on Tuesday that wide receiver Malik Turner, who was part of Seattle’s 90-man roster and had several impressive moments in preseason, will rejoin the team as a PS member.Turner caught a touchdown pass from Alex McGough in the team’s second preseason outing against the Los Angeles Chargers, and nearly came down with a phenomenal touchdown grab against the Oakland Raiders, but was ruled out of bounds upon further review. Now it’s hard to ignore that there’s a real possibility they’ve brought back Turner because they intend to promote one of Caleb Scott or (more likely) Keenan Reynolds, as Doug Baldwin is expected to miss some time due to a reported Grade 2 MCL tear.Either way Bradley McDougald Jersey , Turner has garnered unprompted praise from coach Pete Carroll during preseason, and it’s good to see him at least brought back to the practice squad.Seahawks injury updates: K.J. Wright, Rasheem Green remain out this week Though not overly surprising, with a taxing week ahead as the Seattle Seahawks fly overseas to London, they will be without two members of the defense again in Week 6. Speaking to the media on Tuesday, head coach Pete Carroll announced both K.J. Wright and Rasheem Green would miss Sunday’s game against the Oakland Raiders.Wright is yet to play in 2018 Cheap Germain Ifedi Jersey , following knee surgery towards the end of August. In his place, Mychal Kendricks filled in admirably, until the Seahawks lost him as well (to suspension). Kendricks is still fighting the indefinite suspension handed to him by the league, but it’s highly unlikely there would be a resolution in time for Kendricks’ status to change for Week 6. In Wright and Kendricks’ absence, Austin Calitro would presumably start again at weakside linebacker. Following Sunday’s game in London, Seattle has their bye week. The Seahawks won’t play again until October 28th http://www.seahawksfootballauthentics.com/bobby-wagner-jersey-authentic , hopefully giving Wright enough time to fully recover from surgery and make his 2018 debut in Detroit against the Lions. Green will miss his third consecutive game with an ankle injury described by Carroll as “legit.”On Tuesday, Carroll said Green remained a couple weeks away. Similar to Wright’s recovery, the extended break following the game in London should hopefully give Green enough time to fully recover before Seattle returns to action in Week 8. Wright and Green were the only players to have their health status updated by Carroll on Tuesday, but expect more information in the coming days as the Seahawks manage a complicated week.
  7. The Denver Broncos have lacked the big play over the last two seasons Authentic Chris Harris Jr Jersey , which we covered before Friday’s game in a post called “Dink and Dunk and No Chunk”. The premise obviously being that the Broncos offense could not generate any chunk yardage. That appears to be changing as they got plenty of chunk in their 29-17 victory over the Washington Redskins.The explosive offensive plays was a sigh to behold for us fans, since we just hadn’t seen much of that since Peyton Manning retired. If the offense can generate these kinds of chunk plays on a consistent week-to-week basis, then this team is going to score enough points to keep games winnable. We’ll see if that’s the case in two short weeks. Bring on Week 1 of the regular season!Horse TracksRedskins vs. Broncos highlights | Preseason Week 3 - NFL VideosWatch the best plays from the Preseason Week 3 matchup between the Washington Redskins and Denver Broncos.Redskins defense gets a ‘wake-up call’ after disappointing showing versus BroncosFirst-team defense struggles against Denver, with missed tackles a particular concern.Broncos WR Emmanuel Sanders thrives in preseason win over WashingtonWide receiver Emmanuel Sanders walks around the Broncos’ locker room these days like a kid on Christmas.Denver offense sharp in rout of WashingtonLANDOVER, Md. -- Adrian Peterson showed the Washington Redskins what they needed to see in his debut by rushing for 56 yards on 11 carries in a 29-17 loss toBroncos down Washington, 29-17LANDOVER, Md. — Adrian Peterson showed the Washington Redskins what they needed to see in his debut by rushing for 56 yards on 11 carries in a 29-17 lossAdrian Peterson impresses in Redskins debut vs. BroncosWashington's newest running back gained 56 yards on 11 carries during Denver's 29-17 victory.Adrian Peterson looks very good in first Redskins gameSigned on Monday, Adrian Peterson looked pretty good for the Washington Redskins on Friday night.Shamarko Thomas evaluated for possible detached retinaDenver Broncos safety Shamarko Thomas is being evaluated for a possible detached retina after suffering an eye injury on Friday.Case Keenum looks strong in preseason win over ‘SkinsThe Denver Broncos defeated the Washington Redskins 29-17 in preseason action Friday night. Quarterback Case Keenum looked good in the win.NFL NewsNFL preseason 2018: The big winners and losers from Week 3 so farChristian McCaffrey has emerged as a legitimate weapon for Cam Newton. And preseason Nick Foles looks a lot different than Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles.SB Nation Scores: College football shirts, Adidas shoes & Madden NFL 19Prep for college football season with great deals this weekend.Would you rather pay Aaron Donald or Khalil Mack record-setting money?They both deserve a raise but if you could only pick one, which line-busting quarterback destroyer would you rather pay?Why the key to the Browns’ offensive revival is tight end David NjokuCleveland’s athletic tight end can be a miracle worker for his new quarterbacks.Why Chip Kelly failed in the NFL and what it means for UCLAThe differences between college and pro football aren’t as big as you’ve been led to believe, but they are big enough.Broncos to watch in tonight’s preseason finale Good morning, Broncos Country!Tonight is the final preseason game for NFL teams, and for about half of the players, it’s the last game they’ll play this season. For some, it’ll be the last game they ever play in the NFL.So while it may not seem like a big deal to fans who don’t want to watch second-stringers battle for a roster spot or third-stringers try to stay on the team, it’s a very big deal to those players.And for that reason Youth Emmanuel Sanders Jersey , I think it’s one of the more fun preseason games to watch - the guys playing are playing for their future, and that’s a lot to put on the line. So here are some of the players - and/or positions - I’ll be watching closely:Chad Kelly/Paxton LynchThis won’t be to see depth chart order. That has been decided and it’s a no-brainer - Kelly is the clear the No. 2. But it will be important to watch one more game to see whether Kelly is truly capable of being the outright backup or whether pursuing a veteran is still a good idea. I lean toward Kelly being the backup, but it would be reassuring to see him in one more game.As for Lynch, I’ll be watching - and hoping - he proves he deserves to be on a roster somewhere. I don’t have anything against the guy and would love to see him rebound tonight for his own future. Some of Lynch’s current situation comes from a sub-par mentoring scenario when he was a rookie; more of it comes from below-par performance when he needed to prove himself.My hope is that he makes a comeback - probably somewhere else to get a fresh start.“I love it here. I’ve said that since Day 1, I’ve wanted to be ‘the guy’ here,” Lynch said Tuesday. “I’ve gone through some things, I’ve struggled, I haven’t played well at times, and at times I have played well. I’ve just got to find that consistency of constantly playing well. And I know that I can get there.”I’d really like to see if he can.Su’a CravensThere has been a lot of hype around Cravens since the Broncos signed the safety in the offseason, but injuries have delayed the chance for Broncos Country to really see if he’s worth that hype.Vance Joseph said he’s practiced “really well” this week and should be ready to play Thursday night. But Dymonte Thomas had a great third game against the Redskins and has continued to practice well. It’ll be interesting how that depth chart shakes out.And will there be an Adam Jones’ sighting? Perhaps on a punt return?Phillip Lindsay v. Devontae Booker/De’Angelo HendersonI know, I know. Booker is listed first (though I really expect/hope that changes by Week 1 to the rightful starter, Royce Freeman) and Henderson is the proven third-stringer. But I think Lindsay has shown more prowess as a running back than either of those and would like to see how he compares Thursday night to solidify a move up the depth chart. I know Joseph won’t make the bold move to put him at No. 2, but if Lindsay dominates tonight, he has to be No. 3. And there’s a chance Henderson is playing to make the team, though Joseph seems set on having four running backs on the 53.“Royce and Book (Booker) have been the lead guys the whole preseason, so to say it’s open http://www.broncosauthorizedshops.com/authentic-phillip-lindsay-jersey , it’s between those two guys. [The top two spots are] pretty much closed in my opinion,” Joseph said. “Again, it’s not a focus of mine right now because it’s going to take three guys, it’s going to take four guys.”Offensive LineA healthy O-line with Ron Leary and Jared Veldheer plus a more experienced Garett Bolles, a highly capable Connor McGovern and the always-impressive Matt Paradis spells big improvement for this position group. But how good are the backups? Max Garcia appears to be a solid replacement when necessary, but if the line is relying on Billy Turner or Jeremiah Poutasi, how dependable is it? And which players on the bubble for making the team or going to the Practice Squad get to stay? Hoping my guy Leon Johnson stays in Orange and Blue.Jake ButtJeff Heuerman’s performance last week solidified him as the starting tight end for now, but I’m interested to see how Butt, Austin Traylor and even Matt LaCosse end up - on the depth chart and/or just on the team. Mostly I’d like to see whether Butt appears to be the superstar he was hyped to be in last year’s draft. He had a nice catch last week against the Redskins, so I’m interested in his follow-up effort this week. Beyond that, I think it’ll be a good battle between Traylor and LaCosse for a chance to stay in Denver - and possibly fight for the second TE spot.Third/Fourth-stringers on the bubbleFiguring out what to do with players like Jeff Holland, Keishawn Bierria, Brendan Langley, Tim Patrick and others is a decision I’m glad I don’t have to make, but it’ll be fun to see if some of these bubble guys stand out and prove tonight that they should still be on the roster next week.Horse Tracks - docllv’s pick of the dayFor Al Michaels, NFL gambling references no longer require a wink - The Washington PostWith legalized sports gambling on the rise Garett Bolles Jersey , networks must decide how much point spread talk to incorporate into their NFL broadcasts.Horse TracksHow Chad Kelly and Paxton Lynch are preparing for their opportunities in the preseason finaleThough Kelly and Lynch are keeping the fun spirit of the preseason finale in mind, they also are aware of the opportunities in front of them.Adam Jones practices with Denver Broncos for first timeAdam Jones practiced with the Denver Broncos for the first time Monday and said he would “be ready” when his number was called. He said he’s been open with the team about his past. “I’m here to help and lead the best way that I can,” Jones said.Broncos ‘loosely connected’ to QB Mike Glennon, report saysJohn Elway’s affinity with vertically-gifted quarterbacks could lead to Mike Glennon.Von Miller takes friendly swipe at Aqib TalibVon Miller took a friendly, subtle swipe at former teammate Aqib Talib while praising the signing of veteran cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones .4 Quarters: The story behind Will Day's Peyton Manning paintingIn the first episode of "4 Quarters," we get a behind-the-scenes look at how Boulder artist Will Day worked with Peyton Manning on creating a painting evoking Manning's feeling of "controlled chaos" under center before a snap.Broncos set fundraising record at annual Kickoff LuncheonThe Broncos raised more than $250,000 for Denver Broncos Charities.Practice photos: Sharpening their skills before the preseason finaleA day before heading to Phoenix, the Broncos took the practice field to continue to sharpen their skills and prove their worth before the final preseason game.Fantasy football: Broncos' Royce Freeman sees stock riseWell I certainly hope so since he's on my fantasy team!Kendricks charged with insider trading, cut by Browns - NFL.comCleveland Browns linebacker and former Philadelphia Eagle Mychal Kendricks has been charged with insider trading, the U.S. Attorney's Office of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania announced Wednesday morning.Raiders want at least 2 first-round picks for Mack - NFL.comOakland Raiders general manager Reggie McKenzie has fielded calls in recent days from teams interested in trading for Khalil Mack, but the asking price is high -- at least two draft picks.Aaron Rodgers' deal has guarantees -- except for how things end - Green Bay Packers Blog- ESPNNo matter what this contract says about Aaron Rodgers' career or what he accomplishes, there's no telling how he will close his run as a Packer.NFL - Rookie quarterback progress report - who could start in Week 1? Sam Darnold of New York Jets near lockThe Jets signal-caller has taken 75 percent of the first-team reps in three games. Here's how the top six rookie quarterbacks look this preseason.New York Jets have one eye on Khalil Mack, the other on the future - New York Jets Blog- ESPNThe Jets made a bold trade last summer that gave them the draft capital to add Sam Darnold. Could they do it again, this time for an elite pass-rusher?Jets can parlay Teddy Bridgewater deal into something much bigger - NY Jets- ESPNThe Jets did well for themselves, essentially turning $1 million into a third-round pick. Could that sweeten a potential deal for Khalil Mack?
  8. SAN DIEGO — Padres manager Andy Green says make nothing of the statistic. The only thing that’s important is that the Padres will be going for a series win Sunday in the rubber match of a three-game series against the Pittsburgh Pirates at Petco Park. But here’s the stat. The Padres lost Friday night’s series opener to the Pirates — marking the 18th time in the last 19 series that the Padres have lost the opening game in the series. Saturday night they held onto a 4-3 win to improve to 14-5 in the second game of their last 19 series. Going into Sunday Alex Killorn Jersey Kids , they are 11-7 in the third game. “I don’t put much into that first game of a series statistic,” Green said Saturday. “I think it’s just one of those things that you don’t make too big a deal out of. The goal is to win the series and we have Tyson (Ross) on the mound for the rubber game.” The right-handed Ross (5-5, 3.32 earned run average) will be opposing Pittsburgh right-hander Jameson Taillon (5-6, 3.96 ERA) in Sunday afternoon’s rubber match. The 32-year-old Ross has been the Padres most reliable pitcher this season. The Padres are 11-5 when he starts (including a 7-2 record over his last nine starts), although they have failed to score a run for him the last three times he has started. Ross has not allowed more than three runs in his last nine starts and he has gone five or more innings in his last 11 starts. Over his last two outings, Ross has allowed three runs on nine hits and six walks in 13 innings. And his ERA over those past nine starts is 3.08. Ross has already made one successful start against the Pirates this season. On May 18 in Pittsburgh, Ross held Pittsburgh to two runs on five hits and four walks with two strikeouts over six innings to get credit for the win in a 3-2 Padres victory. Sunday will be Ross’ seventh career appearance against the Pirates. In six previous starts, Ross has a 2-2 record and a 3.24 ERA. Another thing Ross has going for him Sunday is Petco Park. He has a career 2.91 ERA in the Padres’ downtown home in 53 games (44 starts). Taillon, 26, will be facing the Padres for the first time this season although he will be making his third career start against the Padres. He has a 1-0 record with a 1.26 ERA over 14 1/3 innings in his first two outings against the Padres. He shut out the Padres on three hits and two walks over eight innings in 2016. Like Ross, Taillon will also be making his 17th start of the season. After starting the season 2-0 with a 0.89 ERA in his first three starts, Taillon has gone 3-6 with a 4.87 ERA in his last 13 starts. But he has won each of his past three road starts, giving up four runs in 21 innings. The biggest plus for Taillon Sunday could be the sunlight. He is 9-2 with a 2.87 ERA in 17 career day games and 4-0 with a 1.93 ERA in five daylight starts on the road. Blake Snell and the surging Tampa Bay Rays are having success against some of the major’s best teams. Snell struck out 10, reliever Diego Castillo fanned Jose Altuve in a key spot and the Rays wrapped up an impressive homestand by beating the Houston Astros 3-2 Sunday. The Rays went 8-1 at Tropicana Field, taking three of four from the World Series champion Astros, sweeping three from the New York Yankees and winning both games against Washington. Tampa Bay set a team record by allowing no more than two runs in its sixth straight game. ”Everybody’s doing their part,” Snell said. Snell tied Hall of Famer Walter Johnson (1914) with his 11th consecutive home start allowing one or fewer earned runs for the longest stretch in the AL since 1913, according to Elias Sports Bureau. ”He’s pitched like an All-Star,” Rays manager Kevin Cash said. ”We knew we had a chance to have a special series and really special homestand Andrei Vasilevskiy Jersey , and I think he capped it off.” Matt Duffy hit a two-out, two-run single in the seventh inning that put the Rays ahead 2-1 and Mallex Smith homered in the eighth. Evan Gattis homered twice for Houston. The Astros went 0 for 14 during the series with runners in scoring position. ”We didn’t do enough to win the game or win the series.” Astros manager A.J. Hinch said. Snell (11-4) allowed one run and four hits in 7 1/3 innings. The lefty has given up five earned runs over 51 2/3 innings (0.87 ERA) at home this season. Castillo replaced Snell with the bases loaded in the eighth with the Rays leading by a run. Castillo struck out Altuve in a 10-pitch at-bat and got a grounder from Yuli Gurriel to protect the lead. Sergio Romo got his eighth save despite allowing Gattis’ homer in the ninth. Charlie Morton (10-2) struck out 11 in 6 2/3 innings. The Astros led 1-0 when he left with runners at first and second, and Duffy greeted Chris Devenski with a bloop single down the right-field line. Joey Wendle scored from first base when right fielder Josh Reddick hesitated before throwing the ball back to the infield. ”I just kind of froze,” Reddick said. ”There’s no excuse for screwing that up. I’ve got to get the ball in, and even if I throw it home early, we’re still playing the ball game right now.” Gattis, who had eight homers and 30 RBIs in June, put the Astros up 1-0 on his seventh-inning drive. Jake Marisnick had a potential run-scoring extra-base hit tracked down in deep center by Smith with two outs in the fifth. Smith’s homer was his first since last July 21, ending a 356 at-bat drought. ”I’m not worried about hitting home runs,” the speedy Smith said with a smile. ”I like to steal bases. Can’t steal bases when you hit homers.” TRAINER’S ROOM Astros: Gurriel returned after three days on the paternity list. . Reliever Joe Smith (right elbow soreness) could be back Tuesday. Rays: CF Kevin Kiermaier was rested after making two diving catches Saturday. He dropped to 0 for 9, including eight strikeouts, against Morton by going down swinging as a pinch-hitter in the seventh. SORE SPRINGER Astros RF George Springer was out of the lineup for the second time in three days after tumbling into the stands chasing a foul ball Saturday. Hinch said Springer is ”beat up a little bit.” Springer, mired in a 3-for-44 slide, was a pinch-runner in the ninth. DEADLINE DEALS The Rays could move veteran players like RHPs Nathan Eovaldi and Chris Archer, and C Wilson Ramos before the non-waiver trade deadline. Also attracting interest is Tampa Bay’s bullpen. ”I imagine our front office will do what they always do, and that’s look to do what’s best for the organization going forward,” Cash said. The Chicago Cubs and Washington Nationals are among the teams with scouts in attendance recently. UP NEXT Astros: LHP Dallas Keuchel (4-8) will go against Texas RHP Austin Bibens-Dirx (1-1) Tuesday night. Rays: Eovaldi (2-3) faces Miami LHP Wei-Yin Chen (2-5) Monday night.

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