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  1. DPackChopra

    How can I create mods for dissidia 012 final fantasy?

    Well i dont want to make unnecessary trouble for you to do all that work. I mainly need assistance with modding tools and i want to learn how to import and rig models whether from a model resource or rip them myself. I'm pretty proficient with a computer i just need a lil guidance so if you make the guides everyone who is interested will benefit but i'm NOT trying to give you work i know documentation can tedious especially if u plan to make a video. Before the old forums went down i wanted to make a Modpack for personal use but i lost all my data from back then. now Im barely finding any of the really cool mods for my final fantasy pack 😞 .....So now im just gonna learn I've always wanted to and now i have a lil time.
  2. DPackChopra

    Help! SERIOUSLY!

    Hey Psyferno I will be glad to help let me know which characters you want on which slots.
  3. DPackChopra

    How can I create mods for dissidia 012 final fantasy?

    I'm with ya really wanted to learn but it seems that some of the modding and rigging tools aren't available. Been looking for Dissidia Modding Suites but cant find it at all :(. What tools do you have can you share them?

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