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  1. Miller2B

    Genesis - Bracket, Discussion, Results

    Loser's Round 3 Miller2B vs. Zappieroth132 Match 1@ Pandemonium Top Floor: Miller2B (Cecil) vs Zappieroth132: (Sephiroth): Zappieroth132 [1-0] Match 2@ Sky Fortress Bahamut: Miller2B (Lightning) vs. Zappieroth132 (Emperor): Miller2B [1-1] Match 3@ Order's Sanctuary: Miller2B (Firion) vs. Zappieroth132: Onion Knight: Miller2B [2-1] Match 4 @ Kefka's Tower: Miller2B (Firion) vs. Zappieroth132 (Sephiroth): Miller2B [3-1] Winner: Miller2B (3-1)
  2. Miller2B

    Genesis - Bracket, Discussion, Results

    Round 2 Loser's Bracket Match 1: Miller2B (Cecil) vs Freyaday (WoL) on Pandemonium Top Floor Winner: Miller2B (1-0) Match 2: Miller2B (Firion) vs Freyaday (WoL) on Old Chaos Shrine Winner: Miller2B (2-0) Match 3: Miller2B (Cecil vs. Freyaday (WoL) on Edge of Madness Winner: Miller2B (3-0) Winner: Miller2B 3-0 over Freyaday
  3. Miller2B

    Genesis - DDFF Major Tournament

    Username: Miller2B Hamachi ID: Miller2B Timezone: GMT -4 (ET)

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