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  1. Hey guys, just thought I'd post some thoughts on what to do with the future of Dissidia. I suggest, in order to spice the scene up in the face of the new Smash Bros., why not use Enix IP to hype the scene? Think of how rave the Fire Emblem characters are in that game. Why can't we get a bonus DLC with some Enix characters? Allow me to start things off in a list format and list some marketable pros and cons to the idea. Please note ALL of these idea's should be known as covered under the GNU free use licensing whatevers (Just take it that I will buy this game if it included such a roster, and won't if it don't, respectably so as an FGC buff). 1) Ark - Well rounded character, staff/fauchard/magic user, can't fly but it can be ignored (IMO) if he must. 2) Cyrus - I believe that's his name, he's the Dark Knight upgrade Will gets in the first dungeon of Illusion of Gaia. Magic user, swordsman, chivalrous, &c. 3) Tanzra - Never played Actraiser, but the idea of Tanzra really appeals to me. Not just because I figured a final enemy should be listed here (Swap for whoever, Dark Gaia from Terranigma, whatever). 4) Royd/Fyda - I think it would be neat if they showed up because they're kinda similar to other fighters in the game, but I'm listing them together because I think it would be a cool mix-up mechanic if one of them was active, one passively taking commands, being able to die while the other still lives (Perhaps both have low health, the other takes over when the main dies, how have you). They're also great strategists, and their death in the game should receive some credit, IMO, in Dissidia. Pros: - Revival of IP is hype AF - Revival of THIS IP is hype AF - All of these games (Except for Terranigma, it got it's limelight through the underground emulation scene, hint hint SquareEnix (Re-release it all!!!!)) are critically received and are still worth over $100 CDN at some hock shops (Not to mention online) - People will buy DLC more than boycott it, a fact for ALL games running the new DLC setups. - Gaming is huge (Obvious) - People like games, and they love nostalgia even more (Akuma players were SO happy when he got released in SFV, shoto-protesters were annoyed but it didn't hurt Akuma PERIOD). - Most if not all SFV characters have nostalgia costumes, and those sell well Cons: - Perhaps difficult to flush in gameplay with character design (Tanzra might be complicated, there are other Enix final baddies *cough* Dark Gaia from Terranigma *cough*) - Terranigma might not be the best choice to focus on for nostalgia (AMAZING game, won't buy Dissidia without one of the main characters, too busy with DBFZ) - Some DLC gets protested (Depending on the price of DLC, some people REALLY gripe, I suggest in game currency purchases should help like it did with SFV) - You can save money and keep your margin if not interested (But something tells me you actually need a very good idea like this to fund a future project struggling to get some cash flow, hopefully they read this!) So all in all, these are MY suggestions, like I said never played Actraiser but I know there's some here who have been waiting for this forever. All my suggestions are GNU covered, I think I have to put the actual disclaimer but honestly, if you know where to find an example free to use license, just pretend it's here lol, I just don't know how to insert it properly (Legally). PLEASE use this info for free, it's basically common sense, and an interesting idea that will only profit you if the chosen characters are hype. It would be a good idea to compare the efforts of OCRemix as well as the game sales data to REALLY see what's more popular in 2018. I mean hell, if it weren't for the founder flopping out (Excuse me, tentatively on hiatus), the Terranigma OCRemix project would be just as popular as the Super Mario RPG project. Not even close to the FF projects, but then again, Dissidia happened, so you're covered :)
  2. xThe9thSignX

    Your Dissidia biography (aka the introduction thread)

    Hey, new guy here. 32 year old Canadian FGC buff, currently undertaking a tech development project for DBFZ (Link below, contact me if you want to help). I really, really LOVE the concept for this game. I can't wait to fight as Kefka, I really appreciate that as FF3 is the only FF game I've gone so close to the end only to get distracted by other stuff and become less interested. I got all the characters by exploration (And by finding out online that there were more than the obvious to get characters, I just ignored the FAQ lol), and really loved the story. Also, on a side note, I absolutely LOVE the Soul Blazer series, beat Terranigma all the way (Less of a fan for the originals, the story is a little bit les than deep in Soul Blazer, and kinda rushed in Illusion of Gaia) many many times. Anyway, here's the link to my project. Seemingly all I can do is post raw video on OneDrive through the Xbox One, but I'll try to get a compilation video up on YT for Christmas day (Like I said, all the help I can get the better!). So...: https://1drv.ms/f/s!Amsa5D_WNvndbZC7c6ZYi-NGlBA Hopefully the link works, it's an Microsoft shortlink (Better than the long link, trust me). I'm on BlackBerry so they won't let me connect to even check to see if I did it right (Lol BlackBerry has it's perks, but the cons are obvious, not being near a terminal sucks too). It is incomplete, so bookmark and refresh once a day if interested. God bless!

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