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  1. Valdrake

    Yuna As Aerith Mod

    thank you so much!
  2. Valdrake

    Yuna As Aerith Mod

    I've been searching for the Aerith mod for Yuna. I can't seem to locate it at all. I was wondering if anyone has this or if the original creator has a location that may have it available for download at. thanks all 🙂
  3. Valdrake

    Modding Textures.

    Looks fantastic so far! As far as the Xi mods go I searched every corner I could think of. Seems a lot got lost when the old website died.
  4. Valdrake

    Modding Textures.

    Hey, I guess i'm a little late to the show (mainly because I really can't stand NT) I used to Mod FFXI, and i remember how much of a head ache that was to get started. I was wondering 2 things Is there any simple way to get the just texture mods done? (like Yuna's dress? I found the textures and just did some simple edits biased off the DFFNT version of them.) and the other is how hard would it be for someone to import a FFXI character into this game? Always wanted my Summoner to fight along side tidus XD

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