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    Genesis - DDFF Major Tournament

    Username: Meganecon Hamachi ID: Meganecon Timezone: GMT -8 (PST)
  2. Hello! I am Meganecon. I mostly play fighting games, specifically Guilty Gear, and wanted to try a new game out. I've played Dissidia casually for a while but since the game died I haven't played it. After discovering a competitive community I decided to play it again so I'm really excited to play with you all. I'm relatively new to competitive Dissidia, so I don't really know much about how neutral works or anything but I'm sure I'll learn as time goes on! I don't really have a main since I don't play much, but the characters I like to play the most are Vaan, Tifa, Lightning, and Shantotto. Hope to play some matches soon!

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