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  1. DaniZaya

    (I need help) Aquanort Mod

    Do not worry, all in due time. There will already be someone who wants to help me
  2. DaniZaya

    (I need help) Aquanort Mod

    Zero. Nothing. Empty. That's why I asked for help here. I made a simple retexture in an existing Aqua mod, but as I said before, it's not what I'm looking for. In addition, the one who made such a model for Dissidia, did not do it well. It has its terrible bugs and failures.
  3. DaniZaya

    (I need help) Aquanort Mod

    If you mean the Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep mod, I was thinking about releasing it once it's over. If you mean the mod that I try to create for Dissidia, it is very likely, too, that I release it. And yes, I think Lightning's moveset would look pretty good.
  4. DaniZaya

    (I need help) Aquanort Mod

    I know, but the fact is that Aquanort textures are created with this PS3 model. The PSP model has a flaw in the texture of the stomach area and that is because they have changed a UV skin of it. Here a example; and regarding the resolution, nothing happens, it adjusts and already. Do not worry, all in due time. However, I'm glad you're interested, I've already lost hope. In fact I already made a "beta" version but as I said, I'm not interested in just making a modification of textures in an old Aqua model, mostly because of how certain things are seen in the model.
  5. DaniZaya

    (I need help) Aquanort Mod

    Hi, Dissidia Community! Well, I'm new to this, but I'll try to explain myself as best I can. Several months ago, I started a project, a mod for Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep which replaced the textures, not only of Aqua, but of all the characters. These textures were fanmade versions of what might be Norted versions of the Kingdom Hearts characters. With the exception of Terranort, Ventusnort and Aquanort were editions that I did with Photoshop. Aquanort was then based on a version that someone did for XNA Lara. Time passed and the Tokyo Game Show arrived, where the Aquanort outfit was finally shown. Since then, I decided to change the textures again, resulting in an improved version. The previous texture was simply an "alternative" version. Despite having achieved what I set out to do at the beginning, I felt that I still wanted a lot more. It is not the first time that I am interested in Dissidia 012. Previously I shuffled this possibility, the possibility of creating a mod for Dissidia 012. However, I was not interested in reimporting a texture in a mod that already exists in Aqua. I wanted to import my model, which is the PS3 version of Kingdom Hearts II.5 ReMIX. I have made my attempts, but I have not succeeded. The tutorials that show on YouTube are all painful and never explain them well, besides being super old (And the quality is from those times). If someone could make this mod reality, it would be quite perfect. I would provide the texture (for private). I think I can link the 3D model here. Or if someone can share with me some good video tutorial to be able to do it by myself. PS: I have seen that someone intended to do the same. Do not be alarmed, because the author of the video shown in the other post had the idea thanks to me.

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